American Religion and Philosophy: A Guide to Information Sources . Ernest R. Sandeen & Fred Hale. (1978).

Mugar Reference XZ7757 .U5 S25 / Theology Reference Z7757 .U5 S25

This guide provides a general introduction to recent secondary sources and key primary documents. The guide is divided into time periods in American history, with subdivisions from general works to more specific topical materials. There are author, title, and subject indexes.

Islamic Jesus: An Annotated Bibliography of Sources in English and French . Don Wismer. (1977).

Mugar Reference XZ7835 .M6 W57

This resource is strictly concerned with commentaries and sources dealing with Jesus as he is understood in Islam. Entries are arranged alphabetically by author, except in those cases when the author is unknown, in which case the entry is included by title. Materials presented in the bibliography include items from 1650 CE to 1976 CE. Name formats are those used in the card catalogs of the libraries consulted by the author with cross-references to cover variant forms of the names.

Jewish-Christian Relations: An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide . Michael Shermis. (1988).

Mugar Reference XZ6370 .S53 / Theology Reference Z6370 .S53

This is a comprehensive listing of print materials covering Jewish-Christian relations from antiquity to the present time. The resources included in this work are organized by source of information: books, articles, journals, congresses, audio/visual media, syllabi, service groups and organizations, and a speakers bureau. There are subject, name and organization, title, and media indexes.

Judaism and Christianity: A Guide to the Reference Literature . Edward D. Starkey.

Theology Reference Z6370 .S78 1991

This guide identifies, describes, evaluates, and compares reference books dealing with Judaism and Christianity, as well as the Bibles of the two faiths, published in English through 1988. It includes a chapter on biblical research centers and institutes as well as professional biblical associations and societies. It is arranged by type of reference book first and then by author, editor, or compiler. There are author/title and subject indexes.

Medieval Visions of Heaven and Hell: A Sourcebook . Eileen Gardiner.

Mugar Reference XZ7794 .G37 1993

This sourcebook includes all identified Christian visions of Heaven and Hell from Western Europe during the Middle Ages except The Divine Comedy . Entries are in all major European languages with a limited collection of works from less frequently cited languages. The work is divided into two parts: general works and chapters on particular visions. The vision chapters are also divided into two parts: an introduction to the text and bibliographies for each work. Entries are annotated. There are author and subject indexes as well as a list of abbreviations used in the sourcebook provided by the author.