Lexicons and Dictionaries

The new Brown, Driver, and Briggs Hebrew and English lexicon of the Old Testament : based on the lexicon of William Gesenius as translated by Edward Robinson / edited by Francis Brown with the cooperation of S.R. Driver and Charles A. Briggs ; numerically coded to Strong’s exhaustive concordance with an appendix containing the Biblical Aramaic and with an index
Ref. PJ 4833 .B68 1981

The Hebrew and Aramaic lexicon of the Old Testament. Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner ; subsequently revised by Walter Baumgartner and Johann Jakob Stamm ; with assistance from Benedikt Hartmann … [et al.]
Ref. PJ 4833 .K61813 1994

A Greek-English lexicon. Compiled by Henry George Liddell and Robert Scott.
Ref. PA 445 .E5 L6 1996

A Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament and other early Christian literature : a translation and adaptation of Griechisch-deutsches Wörterbuch zu den Schriften des Neuen Testaments und der übrigen urchristlichen Literatur, 4th rev. and augm. ed., 1952.
William F. Arndt and F. Wilbur Gingrich.
Ref. PA 881 .B38

A patristic Greek lexicon. G. W. H. Lampe.
Ref. PA 881 .L25

The vocabulary of the Greek Testament : illustrated from the papyri and other non-literary sources. James Hope Moulton and George Milligan.
Ref. PA 881 .M68

Theological lexicon of the Old Testament. Edited by Ernst Jenni, Claus Westermann ; translated by Mark E. Biddle.
Ref. BS 440 .T4813 1997

Theological dictionary of the Old Testament. Edited by G. Johannes Botterweck and Helmer Ringgren ; translated by John T. Willis, [David E. Green …]
Ref. BS 440 .B5713

Theological dictionary of the New Testament. Gerhard Kittel. Translator and editor: Geoffrey W. Bromiley.
Ref. BS 2312 .K813 1964

The Interpreter’s dictionary of the Bible; an illustrated encyclopedia identifying and explaining all proper names and significant terms and subjects in the Holy Scriptures, including the Apocrypha, with attention to archaeological discoveries and researches into the life and faith of ancient times. [Editorial board: George Arthur Buttrick, dictionary editor, and others]
Ref. BS 440 .I63

The Anchor Bible dictionary. David Noel Freedman, editor-in-chief ; associate editors, Gary A. Herion, David F. Graf, John David Pleins ; managing editor, Astrid B. Beck.
Ref. BS 440 .A54 1992