Photo by Cydney Scott of Cummington St, on BU’s Campus

Do you need help finding the perfect resources for your research? Having trouble finding access to something? Or so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start? The School of Theology Library offers numerous ways to Get Reference Help from one of our librarians! Remember that answering your questions is what we love to do!

Ask Us In-Person at the Reference Desk

There are many different ways you can ask us a question about your research. First, come visit us at the reference desk, staffed with a librarian from the School of Theology Library. The reference desk is staffed Monday-Thursday, 9:00am – 4:00pm throughout the academic year. Do not hesitate to ask us a question anytime you pass by, or just say hi or ask what we’re doing! The reference desk is located near the main entrance of the library, around the corner towards the right, by the bound periodicals. Ask the circulation desk if you have trouble finding it. When someone isn’t at the desk, feel free to find a staff member and ask us a question. Frequently, staff members will be walking around making sure no one has any questions. Dial the phone at the reference desk directly during reference hours: (617) 358-2704.

Ask a Question from Home

If you prefer to ask us a question from the comfort of your own home, you can do that too! Fill out a Reference Request sheet to set up an interview or ask us a question. By setting up an appointment, you give one of the librarians time to do research on your question before so they can explain to you what sources are available.  You call also email the entire staff at at any time. After receiving your email, librarians will work on answering your question, and we will at least give an update within one business day of receiving your question. If you prefer, there is a direct line to our reference desk; dial (617) 358-2704 during hours the reference desk is staffed. We even answer your questions at our Twitter page, so Tweet at us @BUSTHLibrary, if you prefer!

Personal Librarian Program

Finally, the School of Theology Library has a Personal Librarian Program. Incoming School of Theology students are matched up with a librarian on staff. Always feel free to email your personal librarian, who will always be happy to help you out! If you forgot our contact information, consult our library staff page.