The Religion and Graphica Collection

cover of Volume 9 of Lucifer
Cover of Volume 9 of Lucifer

The Religion and Graphica Collection was created in 2009 by A. David Lewis and the Humanities Foundation of Boston University.  The collection contains a variety of religious-themed materials ranging from the classic Maus novels of Art Spiegelman to the irreverent Battle Pope novels of Robert Kirkman and company.  Most of the collection can be found in the Oversized Stacks near the bound periodicals. Others are located in the Open Stacks or behind the Circulation Desk. Because of genre, all are classed with call numbers that begin PN. Please ask for assistance if you cannot locate an item.

Please use BU Libraries Search to locate an  item in our collections and find its availability.

A Sample of Graphic Novels Acquired So Far:

  • Arab in America. PN6727 .E47 A73 2007
  • Battle Pope. PN 6728 .B38 K57 2001
  • Blankets: an illustrated novel. PN6727.T48 B58 2003.
  • Buddha. PN 6790 .J34 B83 2003 and PN 6790 .J34 B83 2006.
  • Cairo, a graphic novel. PN6727.W535 C35 2007. 
  • Chosen. PN6727.M55 C46 2005.
  • A contract with God and other tenement stories: a graphic novel. PN6727.E4 C6 2006.
  • Chronicles of Wormwood. PN6728.W68 E555 2007
  • Crossing Midnight. PN6728.C76 C37 2007.
  • Daniel, Prophet of Dreams. PN6727.B79 D36 2006.
  • Fallen Angel. PN6728.F26 D39 2006
  • Fantastic Four. PN6728.F33W342 2004x .
  • The Fountain. PN6727.A74 F68 2005.
  • India Authentic. PN6790.I44I56 2007 .
  • James Sturms’ America: God, Gold, and Golems. PN6727.S79 G65 2007.

  • The Jew of New York. PN6727.K28 J48 1998.
  • Lucifer. PN6728.L79 C373 2001.
  • The Manga Bible. PN6737.S55 M36 2007.
  • Manga Messiah. PN6790.J33 K8613 2007.
  • Palestine: the special edition. PN6728.P35 S23 2007.
  • The plot : the secret story of The protocols of the Elders of Zion. PN6727.E4 P5 2005.
  • Persepolis. PN6747.S245P4713 2007 .
  • Preacher. PN6728.P68 E56 1996.
  • Pride of Baghdad. PN6727.V387 P75 2006.
  • Ramayan 3392 AD. PN6790.I44 R36 2007.
  • The Sadhu. PN6790.I44 S33 2007.
  • Shekhar Kapur’s Snake Woman. PN6727.K27 S63 2007.
  • Strange Girl. PN6728.S77 R462005 .
  • Testament. PN6728.T47 R87 2006.
  • We Are On Our Own : a memoir. PN6727.K29 W43 2006.