Missions Collections

From the middle of the nineteenth century, the School of Theology has educated missionaries. The library reflects one hundred and fifty years of world-wide missions interest. The collection supports advanced graduate research in missiology and comparative theology. The missions collection focuses on the history of Christian missions, and contains a sizeable collection of early missionary writings and histories. There are numerous missionary journals, diaries, and biographies.

Jesuit Missions Collection

The Library’s Missions Collection has been broadened by recent acquisitions in Catholic missions focusing on the missionary efforts of various religious orders. The strength of the collection lies in its sizeable nineteenth century interests, periodicals relating to world-wide Christianity, and the work of women in missions. In addition, the collection reflects the long-standing tradition of ecumenical work, represented by documents of the World Council of Churches. The African Studies Library provides additional support in the study of African missions.

Bangor Theological Seminary Collection (partially cataloged)

Bangor Theological Seminary was one of the old Congregational seminaries that sent lots of missionaries at one point. This 2007 acquisition includes some of the old Congregationalist and Baptist classics, which after all, were the works of the original American Protestant missionaries. It greatly enhances the Theology Library’s collection, which is strongest in Methodist missions.The collection includes a wide range of material including tracts, sermons, biographies, and journals.

Missions on Microform (partially cataloged)

We have a growing collection of missionary archives in microform from the Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican and Reformed traditions.