Biblical Collections

Massachusetts Bible Society Collection (partially catalogued)

In 1980, the Library received the collection of the Massachusetts Bible Society, approximately 4500 items covering 1500 languages into which the Bible or parts have been translated.  These combined collections contain nearly 75% of the early Bible editions cited in The Book of a Thousand Tongues. Cataloging was funded by a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, is less than 50% complete, and is currently on hold.

Kimball Bible Collection (partially catalogued)

Rev. Clyde Kimball, a graduate of the School of Religious Education and the School of Theology, served as a chaplain in World War II, and was killed at the Battle of the Bulge.  In 1947, his widow donated his Bible collection in memory of the three School of Theology graduates who died in the chaplain service: Kimball, George E. Fox, and Raymond L. Hall. Though he began with New England imprints, Kimball’s collection of nearly 150 Bibles has a number of early European imprints that form the core of our antiquarian Bible collection.

Biblical Collections

In addition to bibles themselves, this is a book collection on the history, transmission, and interpretation of Biblical texts. This listing retrieves the bibles as well as the general book collection.

Dickinson Marks Collection

This was originally the extensive private library of the late Rt. Rev. George (?) Carey, Episcopal Bishop of Massachusetts. The Collection was particularly rich in 18th-early 19th century rare books that represented significant holdings in biblical theology, polyglot lexicons, dictionaries, and concordances. The Collection suffered much damage in a fire in the early 1920’s. Mr. Charles Dickinson Marks, a grand-nephew of Bishop Carey, is a native of Boston and a graduate of Harvard. He contacted Dr. Raymond Van De Moortell, STH Head Librarian, in 1998 so that the remaining folio-sized volumes could be returned to a research-level theological library in the Boston area. The Collection was donated to the STH Library in late 1998. The titles are mostly mid-to-late 19th century works, but also contain two fine 15th century works of polygot lexicons.

Simon Parker Collection (partially catalogued)

Simon B. Parker was the Harrell F. Beck Scholar of Hebrew Bible at the School of Theology; he passed away in 2006.  Parker joined STH in 1981 as Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs until 1988.  He held a joint appointment at GRS and was named the Harrell F. Beck Scholar of Hebrew Scripture in 1991.  The Simon Parker Collection consists of 342 books from his private library, reflecting his areas of scholarly interest, which focused on the interpretation of biblical literature in its ancient literary, religious, and social contexts and its significance for the contemporary church.  His early research concerned Israel’s inheritance from Canaanite culture, as represented especially in Ugaritic literature, and its transformation of that tradition.  Later, his primary research interest was Hebrew inscriptions, their relation to other archaeological sources and biblical literature, and the light they shed on the social and religious life of ancient Judeans.