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April 2016 New and Forthcoming Acquisitions at the Theology Library

April 14th, 2016 in Collections

Check out some of the new print and electric titles purchased by the School of Theology Library! Click the link to find catalog records of the new print books and e-books.

Print Books

Asian American Christian ethics: voices, methods, issues by Grace Kao; Ilsup Ahn

BJ1251 .A85 2015

Spirituality in education in a global, pluralised world by De Souza, Marian

BL42 .D47 2016

Jesus and jihad: reclaiming the prophetic heart of Christianity and Islam by Shedinger, Robert F.

BL51 .S4986 2015

Sociology of religion: a David Martin reader by Martin, David

BL60 .M3263 2015

God in the tumult of the global square: religion in global civil society by Juergensmeyer, Mark

BL65.C62 J84 2015

Religion, sexuality, and spirituality: critical concepts in religious studies by Jason H. Prior, Ed.

BL65.S4 R465 2016

Theology, anthropology and neuroscience by Thierry-Marie Courau; Regina Ammicht-Quinn; Hille Haker; Marie-Therese Wacker

BL255 .T45 2015

African American religions, 1500-2000: colonialism, democracy, and freedom by Johnson, Sylvester A.

BL625.2 .J64 2015

New age, neopagan, and new religious movements: alternative spirituality in contemporary America by Urban, Hugh B.

BL2525 .U73 2015

Globalization and the church of the poor by Daniel Franklin E. Pilario; Lisa Sowle Cahill; Maria Clara Lucchetti Bingemer; Sarojini Nadar

BR115.G59 G563 2015

Christian historiography: five rival versions by Green, Jay

BR138 .G685 2015

Divine honours for the Caesars: the first Christians’ responses by Winter, Bruce W.

BR170 .W56 2015

Religious refugees in the early modern world: an alternative history of the Reformation by Terpstra, Nicholas

BR305.3 .T47 2015

A political history of the Bible in America by Hanson, Paul D.

BR515 .H36 2015

A God more powerful than yours: American evangelicals, politics, and the Internet age by Boerl, Christopher W.

BR1642.U5 B64 2015

Introducing biblical hermeneutics: a comprehensive framework for hearing God in Scripture by Bartholomew, Craig G.

BS476 .B37 2015

Christ and the cosmos: a reformulation of Trinitarian doctrine by Ward, Keith

BT111.3 .W36 2015

Men and masculinities in Christianity and Judaism: a critical reader by Björn Krondorfer, Ed.

BT703.5 .M46 2009

Viewing ancient Jewish art and archaeology: VeHinnei Rachel, essays in honor of Rachel Hachlili by Rachel Hachlili; Ann E. Killebrew; Gabriele Fassbeck

DS111.8 .V44 2016

Judeans in the Greek cities of the Roman Empire: rights, citizenship and civil discord by Ritter, Bradley

DS121.7 .R57 2015

Re-writing Jesus: Christ in 20th century fiction and film by Holderness, Graham

PN57.J47 H65 2015


Contemplative literature: a comparative sourcebook on meditation and contemplative prayer by Louis Komjathy, 2015

The paradox of church and world: selected writings of H. Richard Niebuhr by Niebuhr, H. Richard, 2015

Varieties of southern religious history: essays in honor of Donald G. Mathews by Donald G. Mathews; Regina D. Sullivan, 2015

The Public Universal Friend: Jemima Wilkinson and religious enthusiasm in revolutionary America by Moyer, Paul Benjamin, 2015

Jews and anti-Judaism in Esther and the Church by Miller, Tricia, 2015

The return of the King: Messianic expectation in Book V of the Psalter by Snearly, Michael K., 2016

The Social World of the Sages: An Introduction to Israelite and Jewish Wisdom Literature by Sneed, Mark R., 2015

The Jewish Pseudepigrapha: an introduction to the literature of the second temple period by Docherty, Susan E., 2015

Soteriology as motivation in the Apocalypse of John by Stewart, Alexander, 2015

Plantinga’s Warranted Christian belief : critical essays with a reply by Alvin Plantinga by Dieter Schönecker; Alvin Plantinga, 2015

Priest under fire: Padre David Rodríguez, the Catholic Church, and El Salvador’s revolutionary movement by Sánchez, Peter Michael, 2015

Forthcoming in Print

Advances in religion, cognitive science, and experimental philosophy by Helen de Cruz, Ed., 2016

Humanism: essays on race, religion, and cultural production by Pinn, Anthony B., 2015

Practical spiritualities in a media age by Curtis D. Coats, Ed., 2015

What kind of friendship?: Christian responses to Tariq Ramadan’s call for reform within Islam by Wilson, Tom, 2015

Jesus and Buddha: friends in conversation by Knitter, Paul F., 2015

Cachita’s streets: the virgin of charity, race, and revolution in Cuba by Schmidt, Jalane D., 2015

Rescuing Jesus: how people of color, women, & queer Christians are reclaiming evangelicalism by Lee, Deborah Jian, 2015

The Nones are alright: a new generation of believers, seekers, and those in between by Oakes, Kaya, 2015

Well played: a Christian theology of sport and the ethics of doping by Shafer, Michael R., 2015

Congregational music-making and community in a mediated age by Anna Nekola, Ed., 2015

The Gospel according to the novelist: religious scripture and contemporary fiction by Maczynska, Magdalena, 2015

Titles compiled by Head Librarian Amy Limpitlaw, links to catalog records added by Rose Martinez.

New Archival Holdings database

March 24th, 2016 in Collections, New Resources

Archon is a database system that describes archival holdings held at Boston University School of Theology Library. It allows users to search using keywords, record groups, collection name, subject, creator, and digital content listing. It has the capability to link to digital objects. Users will find helpful information like collection descriptions, biographical notes, subject indexing, and inventories.

The STH Archives began using Archon, an open-source database, to describe the collections it held in its repository in 2009. Record groups, established in 2005, became the backbone of the organizational structure for the physical collections and their description in Archon.

Over the last 6 years, the Archivist and Archives Assistants populated the database with both newly acquired collections and collection inventories that appeared on old versions of the School of Theology Archives website.

In 2015, a team made up of the Digital Projects Librarian, a Simmons College Graduate Student from the School of Library and Information Sciences, and the Archivist, updated the Archon software and moved it to a more stable server space. Now, the beta version database is available for public use and searching.

In the Fall 2016, we hope to make the final updates to the database software. For now, enjoy the ability to search across our collections using Archon.

Please feel free to explore our collections via the Archon website here:

March 2016 Recent and Forthcoming Acquisitions at the Theology Library

March 17th, 2016 in Collections, New Resources

Check out some of the new print and electronic resources at the School of Theology Library! Click on the link to view the catalog records of the new print books and e-books!

Print Books

The glory of God’s grace: deification according to St. Thomas Aquinas by Spezzano, Daria E.

B765.T54 S64 2015

Studying religions with the iron curtain closed and opened: the academic study of religion in Eastern Europe by Tomáš Bubík; Henryk Hoffmann

BL41 .S835 2015

Religion, postcolonialism, and globalization: a sourcebook by Jennifer Reid, Ed.

BL65.G55 R425 2015

Irreconcilable differences?: fostering dialogue among philosophy, theology, and science by Jason Robinson; David A. Peck; Brian D. McLaren

BL240.3 .I7 2015

Religious transformation in modern Asia: a transnational movement by David W Kim, Ed.

BL1035 .R47 2015

The Dead Sea scrolls and the developmental composition of the Bible by Ulrich, Eugene

BM487 .U46 2015 Oversize

How not to kill a Muslim: a manifesto of hope for Christianity and Islam in North America by Graves, Joshua

BP172 .G738 2015

The T & T Clark companion to the Septuagint by K Aitken, Ed.

BS744 .T26 2015

Textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible, Qumran, Septuagint: collected essays by Tov, Emanuel

BS1136 .T685 2015

Gospel of glory: major themes in Johannine theology by Bauckham, Richard

BS2615.52 .B379 2015

Diverse and creative voices: theological essays from the majority world by Dieumème E Noelliste; Sung Wook Chung

BT78 .D58 2015

Facing challenges: feminism in Christian higher education and other places by Allyson Julé; Bettina Tate Pedersen

BT83.55 .F33 2015

Devoted to nature: the religious roots of American environmentalism by Berry, Evan

BT695.5 .B465 2015

Environmental stewardship by Douma, Jochem

BT695.5 .D6813 2015

Physicalist soteriology in Hilary of Poitiers by Scully, Ellen

BT751.3 .S38 2015

Practice for heaven: music for worship that looks higher by Statom, Gabriel C.

BV290 .S73 2015

God’s little daughters: Catholic women in nineteenth-century Manchuria by Li, Ji

BV3420.M2 L5 2015

Trophies, relics and curios?: missionary heritage from Africa and the Pacific by Karen Jacobs; Chantal Knowles; Chris Wingfield

BV3500 .T76 2015

Rebel priest in the time of tyrants: mission to Haiti, Ecuador and Chile by Lacaille, Claude

BV3705.L33 E6613 2015

Journey to the edge of the woods: women of cultures healing from trauma by Graef, Christine. ; Willie Jock

BV4445.5 .G73 2015


Meister Eckhart: philosopher of Christianity by Flasch, Kurt, 2015

Flourishing: why we need religion in a globalized world by Volf, Miroslav, 2015

The myth of rebellious angels: studies in Second Temple Judaism and New Testament texts by Stuckenbruck, Loren T., 2015

Scriptures and sectarianism: essays on the Dead Sea Scrolls by Collins, John J., 2014

The scandal of evangelicals and homosexuality: English evangelical texts, 1960-2010 by Vasey-Saunders, Mark, 2015

The significance of exemplars for the interpretation of    the Letter of James by Foster, Robert J., 2014

The Black Christ of Esquipulas: religion and identity in Guatemala by Sullivan-Gonzalez, Douglass, 2015

Sacred mountains: a Christian ethical approach to mountaintop removal by Thompson, Andrew R.H., 2015

Justification in a post-Christian society by Grenholm, Carl-Henric, 2014

Mysticism in the French tradition: eruptions from France by Louise Nelstrop, Ed,. 2015

The early Hans Urs von Balthasar: historical contexts and intellectual formation by Peterson, Paul Silas, 2015


Forthcoming (Print)

Digital methodologies in the sociology of religion by Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Ed., 2015

Inspiration and innovation: religion in the American west by Kerstetter, Todd M., 2015

Radical secularization? : an inquiry into the religious roots of secular culture by Stijn Latre, Ed., 2014

Sense and spirituality: the arts and spiritual formation by McCullough, James, 2015

New Pentecostal message?: an introduction to the prosperity movement by Brogdon, Lewis, 2015

Hittin’ the prayer bones: materiality of spirit in the Pentecostal south by Blanton, Anderson, 2015

Rediscovering worship: past, present, and future by Wendy J. Porter, Ed., 2015

The book of Job and the immanent genesis of transcendence by Hankins, Davis, 2014

God and difference: the Trinity, sexuality, and the transformation of finitude by Tonstad, Linn Marie, 2015

Philosophy of human nature in Christian perspective by Peter J. Weigel, Ed., 2015

Missionary work in Africa in Eugene Casalis’s time and beyond by Jamary Molumeli, Ed., 2012

Salvation from cinema: the medium is the message by Downing, Crystal, 2016

Ulterior motive: The Cartoons of James Crane

July 30th, 2014 in Collections, Events

Ulterior motive: Cartoons by James Crane

Through simple statements, and intricate black-and-white line drawings, Jim Crane comments on theology, ecology, politics and the human condition. His cartoons, created in the 1950s and 1960s seem even more relevant today. Crane’s cartoons were published in theological magazines including, motive (a magazine of the Methodist Student Movement), Ave Maria (a Catholic family magazine), and United Church Herald.

The cartoons are displayed in the Community Center Exhibition Space of the BU School of Theology, and in the library located on the second floor. Free and open to the public, July 23, 2014- September 29, 2014, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact or (617) 353-1323 for more information.

Boston University School of Theology

745 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215.

Library Receives “The Ives Collection” Resources for Marriage and Family Ministries

August 5th, 2013 in Collections

The Boston University School of Theology Library has received an extensive collection of books related to marriage and family ministries, thanks to Jane P. Ives, an active United Methodist layperson and wife of Bishop S. Clifton Ives. Jane has a deep commitment to and passion for marriage and family ministries, born out of her personal family experience and nurtured through the church. Here is her story:

My parents divorced when I was nine years old, and my father pretty much disappeared from my life, except for very occasional cards and notes. Nobody explained to me what was happening, as I remember, and I learned about the divorce by overhearing my mother tell my two older brothers. We left New Jersey, where we had been living, and went to live with my grandfather in Maine. Only later in life would I realize how my grandfather’s  ability to provide a home for us prevented the economic disaster faced by many single-parent families.

Equally important was the role played in my life by the church we joined, a small Methodist church halfway up a steep hilly street. There I found an active youth group and a circle of adults who loved me, inspired me, guided me, and otherwise filled in the gaps left in my broken family. Although I made new friends in Hallowell, the church provided my closest relationships; and in my teens I began to get involved in district, sub-district, and conference events. I was hired to work summers in the craft shop at the conference church camp, and there I felt a call to ministry. However, I also wanted to marry and have children, and I saw no role models then (in the ‘50s) for married women pastors.

Happily, the young man with whom I fell in love decided to become a minister. I rejoiced that I could have it all: marriage, children, and a ministry as a pastor’s wife. However, we did not simply “ride off happily into the sunset,” as I anticipated. After about ten years of marriage, although we generally thought of ourselves as blessed and happy, I occasionally found myself unreasonably discontent, irritable, and prone to slamming cupboard doors. Cliff didn’t understand my anger, and actually I didn’t either. We had three amazing children, were serving a wonderful local church, enjoyed many friendships, and had so much to be thankful for. Cliff usually retreated from my angry outbursts, as he had not yet learned to “active listen,” just as I had not yet learned to give “I messages,”

Fortunately we had an opportunity to participate in a marriage enrichment retreat. That event – and others we have attended through the years – changed our marriage and our life. Having grown up in a family that didn’t talk about feelings, I had been struggling to suppress and often tried to blame someone else for my inexplicable anger. I was stunned to learn that anger is a perfectly normal human response, indicating that something needs attention. I learned to tune in to my anger to figure out what I needed and to express my feelings and needs without attacking or blaming. Cliff learned to stay present when I seem upset, to ask with empathy if I need something. We went home and began to live a transformed life, as we practiced “I messages” and “Active Listening” with our children and in other relationships as well.

That event took place almost 50 years ago.  We went on to become Certified Marriage Enrichment Leaders and Trainers through the organization now called Better Marriages (formerly the Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment). Every time we participate in or lead a marriage enrichment or relationship education event, we still learn something new about ourselves and about the baggage we brought into our marriage – my fear of abandonment and Cliff’s lack of knowledge about how to deal with a woman’s feelings. We learned – and continue to learn how to express love deeply and openly, how to share our feelings and needs, and how to manage the conflicts that are inevitable in any intimate relationship.

When Cliff was elected to the episcopacy, we wondered if we would be able to continue leading marriage enrichment retreats and training events. As it turned out, we found couples eager for the training. They discovered that the experience not only gave them skills to share with others, but also improved their own relationships. In the meantime, through several acts of grace, I, who had always wanted to be a writer but chose teaching as a profession, was invited to compile a collection of stories about marriage ministry for the General Board of Discipleship. After completing that project, Couples Who Care, I proposed a second collection, Couples Who Cope, and proceeded to write and publish that as well. Then came an opportunity to write a spiritual guide for volunteers in mission, which was published in 2001, along with the opportunity for Cliff and I to revise and update the Growing Love in Christian Marriage Pastor’s Manual,

Working on the GLCM Pastor’s Manual, which focused primarily on marriage preparation, deepened my growing conviction that it is not enough for a church to offer effective pre-marital counseling and education. If we are serious about “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” we must equip people to build and nurture healthy relationships. In order to slow the trend toward family breakdown and mitigate its devastating effects on our communities, churches can offer relationship education for children, youth, and adults; marriage preparation, education, and enrichment; and ministries for families in crisis, transition, and special situations. I began to work on an annotated list of various resources recommended by United Methodists, which has grown into an extensive compilation of “Best Practices” articles and resource lists, still in process. I also began collecting and collating contact information for persons trained in various kinds of relationship ministries, creating a United Methodist Marriage and Family Ministries Directory. The Directory, articles, and resource lists are posted at,, and, along with a list of Upcoming Events and Training Opportunities. The General Board of Discipleship now pays me a small stipend for researching, writing, and updating these documents and for responding to inquiries from individuals and churches.

Because I have received complimentary copies of some resources and purchased many others to review, I began donating curriculum materials to the New England Conference Resource Library and books to the Bangor Theological Seminary Library. When the BTS library closed in June, 2013, the Boston University School of Theology agreed to accept “The Ives Collection,” keeping those books available through inter-library loan from local libraries everywhere. These resources are listed in a document titled “Marriage and Family Ministry Resources Available in New England,” posted at I am grateful to all who have helped make these resources accessible, and I pray that they will help increase the flow of love through our families, churches, and communities into all  the world. I am eager to hear about other resources churches have found helpful and about effective marriage and family ministries around the United Methodist Connection.

Jane P. Ives, United Methodist Marriage and Family Ministries Consultant

10 Quaker Lane, Portland, ME 04103, 207-799-8930, (cell) 207-210-7876,

July, 2013

ISSR Collection

October 21st, 2011 in Collections, New Resources

The STH Library was awarded a 220 volume collection of works on science and religion from the International Society for Science and Religion. This set provides a wonderful addition to the library collections and should support the interdisciplinary work done by STH faculty and students as well as others involved in the study of science and religion at the university. The collection is shelved with the other Open Stacks material and can be searched by author “STH International Society for Science & Religion Collection“.

We hope you will make use of this wonderful set of resources.

List of Uncataloged and Partially Cataloged Collections Published

January 12th, 2010 in Collections

We have published a list of the STH Library holdings which are currently either uncataloged or partially cataloged.  It is available here.