Personal Papers

Avey, Clarence,1900-1994. [C.A.H. D-18]

  • A collection of letters sent to government officials explaining the church’s stand on various issues, often including replies.

Baker, Osman Cleander, Bishop, 1812-1871.

  • Diaries: 1855, 1857, 1858. (1 box)
  • General Correspondence: 1830-1870. (5 boxes)
  • Personal Correspondence: 1848-1871 (1 box)
  • Speeches, Addresses, Lectures, Sermons: 1820-186?. (1 box)

Copp, Henry Brown, 1833-1929. [C.A.H. F-1]

  • Personal journal, 1896-1920.

Cornell, Gary Stiles, 1936- [C.A.H. C-09]

  • Correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, limited writings. (1 box)

Cowen, Ray H., 1895-1979. [C.A.H. D-17]

  • Sermons, typed on 5.5″x8.5″ punched paper.
  • Lists biblical texts used, but does not indicate date or place sermon was delivered.

Henrichsen, Margaret Kimball, 1900-1976. [C.A.H. D-80]

  • Ordained local elder in Maine in 1949, admitted as a full member in 1958, appointed District Superintendent of Bangor District in 1967, the first woman to be in that post; collection contains Sermons, bulletins, WSCS devotions, Board of Hospitals and Homes meditations, worship resources.

Kenney, Pardon T., 1810-1869. [C.A.H. C-01]

  • One trunk (9″x14″x8″). Contains various papers, including his passport issued May 25, 1846 and signed by James Buchanan.

Parlin, Gordon F., 1919-1998. [C.A.H. D-98]

  • “My Pastoral Record”–book listing pastorates, baptisms, members received, marriages, funerals, 1958-1980.
  • Notebook with six mss. sermons, funeral sermon for Leslie Frost (July 1, 1967), Ritual of the Methodist Church (1964) with his text inserted in the marriage ritual, The Pastor’s Ideal Funeral Manual with his annotations, and several photographs.

Piburn, Marvin and Carolyn. [C.A.H. D-99]

  • Newsletters and mailings from Dr. and Mrs. Piburn, medical missionaries at Nyadiri Hospital in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), covering 1975-1983, followup in 1989. Includes slides and photographs. Also description of slides (lacking) from Vietnam, 1969.