James D. Purvis Collection: Series I-VI

Series I:  Photographic Reproductions of Hand-copied Samaritan Texts

  • Most of these books are anthologies of liturgial materials–service books for daily and Sabbath prayers, songs and prayers for the liturgical year, and songs for special occasions (weddings, circumcisions, etc.).  There are also copies of biblical texts and theological writings.
  • They were privately printed (the late 1950s to mid 1960s) for use within the Samaritan community of Holon, Israel.
  • The scribes were Avraham and Ratson Sadaka, and in some cases, Israel Sadaka.  The texts were purchased by James Purvis from Avraham Sadaka in the early 1960s.
  • Most books measure ca. 9.5″ x 7″ (with exceptions noted).  The hard cover bindings may be characterized as crude.
  • Texts are in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Arabic, and in Samaritan characters.  Most of the prayers are in a distinctive dialect of Aramaic called Samaritan Aramaic.  Whether in Aramaic or Hebrew, Samaritan sacred texts are written in Samaritan characters.  Arabic texts or rubrics are sometimes written in a mixture of Samaritan and Arabic characters.  There is no consistency in the language used for titles–some are in Samaritan Hebrew or Aramaic, some in modern Israeli Hebrew, and some in English.  More than one title may be given, e.g. in Hebrew and English.  A few books have not titles.  Translations of Hebrew/Aramaic titles (in pencil) were done by Professor Purvis.  Titles given for books without ascription have been supplied by Avraham Sadaka.

Samaritan Version of the Pentateuch. 5 vols. (Genesis – Deuteronomy).  Copied by hand by Avraham Sadaka.  Tel Aviv, 1959. [C-053, 1-5]

Samaritan Pentateuch Translated into Arabic and Aramaic: Genesis. Avraham Sadaka, scribe.  Israel, 1965.  Oversize volume, 13″ x 10″.  [C-055, 6].

Midrash Marqah. 3 vols.  Vol. 1: Sections 1-2; vol. 2: Sections 3-4; vol. 3: Sections 5-6. Avraham and Ratson Sadaka, scribes.  1963. [C-053, 7-9]

The Asatir. Avraham Sadaka, scribe.  1966.  Booklet, 24 colums, ca. 6″x8″, softcover. [C-053, 9A]

Prayer Book: The Defter. 2 vols.  Israel Sadaka, scribe.  1959. [C-053, 10-11]

The Book of Praises.  Sabbath Prayer Book, Part 3: Sabbath Service. English title, Prayers of Sabbat, Part III. Samaritan text.  Israel Sadaka, scribe.  Holon, 1963. [C-053, 12]

Saturday Evening Prayers and Every Day. No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka. [C-053, 13]

Prayers of Saturday — Ten Commandments. No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka. [C-053, 14]

Prayers of the Two Saturdays before Passover. No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka. Small volume, ca. 5″x7″. [C-053, 15]

Prayers of Saturday of Simmot of Passover and Prayers of the First Month (Nissan). No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka.  [C-053, 16]

Prayers of Three Pilgrimage Festivals, vol. 1: Festival of Massot.  1964.  ca. 5″x7″. [C-053, 17]

Prayers for the Seven Days of the Festival of Massot. 1964. [C-053, 18]

The Samaritan Prayer Book for the Weeks between Passover and Pentecost, including Prayers for the Second Passover and for the Day of the Assembly. Holon : The Committee for Samaritan Publications, 1956.  [C-053, 19]

Prayers of Mt. Sinai Day. No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka. [C-053, 20]

Kippur, Day of Atonement, Part 1. No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka. [C-053, 21]

Shirot of Kippur: Samaritan Poems. 2 vols.  1960.  [C-053, 22-23]

Service Book of Prayers: A. For the Seven Days of the Festival of Sukkot, evening and morning;  B. Sabbath of Sukkot. Holon, 1959. [C-053, 24]

Eighth Day of Tabernacles. No title page; title supplied by Avraham Sadaka.  [C-053, 25]

Prayers for the First Day of the Festival of Sukkot. Avraham and Ratson Sadaka, scribes.  Tel Aviv, 1956.  Small volume, ca. 5″x7″. [C-053, 26]

The Molad Mosheh (Birth of Moses). No title page; title appears as incipit in the text.  Final colophon identifies the scribe as Ratson Sadaka.  [C-053, 27]

Book of Rejoicing, vol. 1: Ceremony of Marriage. Avraham and Ratson Sadaka, scribes.  1964. [C-053, 28]

Book of Rejoicing, vol. 2: Ceremonies of Circumcision and Bar Mitsvah. Avraham and Ratson Sadaka, scribes.  1964. [C-053, 29]

Samaritan Text of the Pentateuch compared with the Masoretic Text. 5 vols.  Printed in parallel columns, in square Hebrew script.  Work done by Avraham and Ratson Sadaka.  Tel-Aviv, 1961-1965.  Note: vol. 5 (Deuteronomy) was prepared using the text of the Abisha Scroll.  [C-053, A1-A5]

Series II: Other Writings by Samaritans

Ratson Tseqada.  Samaritan Legends: Twelve Legends from Oral Tradition. Edited, annotated and accompanied by an appendix: “Samaritan Folk-Traditions: Selective Bibliography,” by Dr. Dov Noy.  Israel Folktale Archives, Publication Series no. 8.  Haifa : Haifa Municipality Ethnological Musuem and Folklore Archives, 1965.  93 p., ca. 5″x7″.  In Hebrew.  Preface, table of contents, and summaries of the legends in English.  [C-053, 30]

Avraham Sadaka. The Celebration of the Passover by the Samaritans. Tel-Aviv, 1962.  Samaritan liturgy with modern Hebrew version, facing pages.  Booklet, ca. 6.5″x8.5″.  [C-053, 31]

Avraham Sadaka.  The Passover Sacrifice by the Samaritans. Holon, 1968.  Booklet, 44 p.,  ca. 4.5″x6.5″, soft cover. [C-053, 32]

Yefet Asher HaKohen. The Samaritans and Mt. Gerizim. Shechem (Nablus), 1968.  Booklet, 16 p., ca. 5″x7″, soft cover. [C-053, 33]

Hasanein Wasef Kahen.  Samaritan History, Identity, Religions and Subdivisions, Literature and Social Status. Jerusalem : Greek Covenant Press, 1966. Booklet, 31 p., ca. 7″x9.5″, soft cover.  [C-053, 34]

Jacob, son of Aaron.  Mount Gerizim, the One True Sanctuary. Edited by William E. Barton; trans. by Abdullah ben Kori. Oak Park, IL : The Puritan Press, 1907.  Reprinted from Bibliotheca Sacra (July 1907).  Booklet, 32 p., ca. 6″x9″, soft cover. [C-053, 35]

Additional materials received April 19, 2001:

Benyamin Tsedaka and Yefet B. Ratson Tsedaka. Objects and Challenges of A.B. Institute of Samaritan Studies in Israel at the Dawn of the Third Millenium CE. Booklet, 38 p. [C-053, 70]

Benyamin Tsedaka. A Summary History of the Israelite-Samaritans. Holon, Israel : A.B.-Institute of Samaritan Studies Press, 2001. In Hebrew. [C-053, 71]

Series III: Editions of Samaritan Texts by Western Scholars

Der Hebräische Pentateuch der Samaritaner, hrsg. von August Freiherr von Gall.   Giessen, Verlag von Alfred Töpelmann, 1918;  reprinted Berlin, 1966.  439, xciv p., 4 tables.  Text with critical apparatus.  [ C-055, 36]

Luis-Fernando Giron Blanc.  Pentateuco Hebreo-Samaritano: Genesis.  Edición crítica sobre la base de Manuscritos inéditos. Textos y Estudios “Cardenal Cisneros.” Madrid : Textos y Estudios “Cardenal Cisneros,” 1976.  xii, 396 p.  [ C-055, 37]

F. Pérez Castro.  Séfer Abisha: Edición del fragmento antiguo del rollo sagrado del pentateuco hebreo samaritaner de nablus.  Estudio, transcripcion, aparato critico y facsimiles. Textos y Estudios del Seminario Filologico Cardenal Cisneros. Madrid, 1959.  liii, 113, xxiv p.  [C-055, 38]

M. Heidenheim, Bibliotheca Samaritana: Texte aus Samaria und Studien zum Samaritanismus. Leipzig/Weimar, 1884-1896; reprint, Amsterdam : Philo Press, 1971.  lii, 98, xlvii, 230, vi, xl, 125, 212 p.  In three parts, published originally in three volumes: (1) on the Samaritan Aramaic version of the Pentateuch, including the text of Genesis, with notes; (2) on the Samaritan Liturgy, with fragmentary texts; (3) on the major work of the Samaritan theologian Marqah, with text, translation, notes, and appendixes.  All Samaritan texts are transcribed in square Hebrew letters. [C-053, 39]

John Macdonald, ed. and trans., Memar Marqah: the Teaching of Marqah. 2 vols.  Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft, 84.  Berlin, 1963.  xxxix, 177, 255 p.  [C-053, 40]

Abulfathi annales samaritani, quos ad fidem codicum manuscriptorum Berolinesium Bodlejani parisini. Editit et prolgomenis instruxit Eduardus Vilmar.  Gotha, 1865.  Antiquarian book.  [C-053, 41]

Chronicon samaritanum arabice conscriptum cui tituls est Liber Josuae. Edited text, Latin translation, and annotations by Th. Guil. Joh. Juynboll.  Lugduni Batavorum (Leiden), 1848.  Antiquarian book.  [C-055, 42]

Reihard Pummer, Samaritan Marriage Contracts and Deeds of Divorce. 2 vols. Wiesbaden, 193.  380, 360, cxii p.  [C-055, 43-43A]

Series IV: Samaritan Studies and Research Materials

Books and Monographs

James Montgomery, The Samaritans, the Earliest Jewish Sect: their history, theology and literature. Philadelphia, 1907; reprinted New York, 1968, with a new introduction by Abraham S. Halkin.  xxviii, 358 p.  [C-054, 44]

I. Ben Zvi, Sefer Hash-shomeronim. Tel Aviv, 1935.  266 p.  In Hebrew.  [C-054, 45]

R. J. Coggins, Samaritans and Jews: the origin of Samaritanism reconsidered. Oxford, 1975.  170 p.  [C-054, 46]

Hans Gerhard Kippenberg, Garizim und Synagoge: Traditionsgeschichte Untersuchungen zur samaritanischen Religion der aramäischen Periode. Berlin, 1974.  374 p.  [C-054, 47]

John Macdonald, The Theology of the Samaritans. London/Philadelphia, 1964.  480 p.  [C-054, 48]

Edward Robertson, Catalogue of the Samaritan Manuscripts in the John Rylands Library, Manchester, 2: The Gaster Manuscripts. Manchester, 1962.  xxi, 307 p., 12 pls.  [C-055, 49]

Robert T. Anderson, Studies in Samaritan Manuscripts and Artifacts: the Chamberlain-Warren Collection. Cambridge, 1978.  99p.  [C-055, 50]

Nathan Schur, History of the Samaritans. Beiträge zur Erforschung des alten Testaments und des antiken Judentums, 18. Frankfurt am Main : Verlag Peter Lang, 1989. 305 p. [C-079, 6]

Nathan Schur, History of the Samaritans. 2nd rev. and enl. ed.  Beiträge zur Erforschung des Alten Testaments und des Antiken Judentums, 18.  Frankfort a. M. : Peter Lang, 1992.  307 p.  [C-054, 51]

A. Berger, L. Marwick, and Isidore S. Meyer, The Joshua Bloch Memorial Volume: Studies in Booklore and History. New York, 1960.  See p. 115-139: “A Samaritan Poem about Moses,” by Theodor H. Gaster.  [C-054, 52]

D. N. Freedman and K. A. Andrews, The Paleo-Hebrew Leviticus Scroll (11 Q paleo Lev). Winona Lake, IN, 1985.  95 p., 20 pl.  [C-055, 53]

Paul E. Kahle, The Cairo Geniza. Oxford, 1959.  2nd ed.  366 p., 10 pl.  [C-054, 54]

Z. Ben-Hayyim, The Literary and Oral Tradition of Hebrew and Aramaic amongst the Samaritans, vols. 1-2: The Grammatical, Masoretical, and Lexicographical Writings of the Samaritans, critically edited with Hebrew translation, commentary, and introduction. Jerusalem, 1957.  666 p.  In Hebrew.  [C-054, 55-56]

Z. Ben-Hayyim, The Literary and Oral Tradition of Hebrew and Aramaic amongst the Samaritans, vol. 3 part 1: Recitation of the Law. Jerusalem, 1961.  195 p.  In Hebrew. [C-054, 57]

A. D. Crown, A Bibliography of the Samaritans. ATLA Bibliography series, 10. Metuchen, NJ, 1984.  xvii, 193 p.  [C-054, 58]

A. D. Crown, A Bibliography of the Samaritans, supplement to the Second Edition. Sydney, 1996.  19 p.  Paperback.  [C-054, 59]

L. A. Mayer, Bibliography of the Samaritans. Edited by Donald Broadribb.  Leiden, 1964.  49 p.  Paperback.  [C-054, 60]

A. Murtonen, Materials for a Non-Masoretic Hebrew Grammar, 2:  An Etymological Vocabulary to the Samaritan Pentateuch. Studia Orientalia, 24.  Helsinki, 1960.  225 p.  Paperback.  [C-054, 61]

Ferdinand Dexinger, “Der Taheb,” Kairos: Zeitschrift für Religionswissenschaft und Theologie 28:1-2 (1985): 1-172.  Entire journal issue.  [C-054, 62.

Abram Spiro, Samaritans, Tobiads, and Judhites in Pseudo-Philo. New York, 1951.  77 p.  [C-054, 63]

Menahem Haran, The Song of the Precepts of Aaron ben Manir: A Samaritan Hymn for the Day of Atonement on the 613 Precepts listed by Maimonides. Proceedings of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 7.  Jerusalem, 1974.  10-20 (English), 21-36 (Hebrew).  Paperback. [C-054, 64]  Same, in Hebrew.  [C-054, 65]

John Bowman, Transcript of the Original Text of the Samaritan Chronicle Tolidah. Leeds, n.d.  English intro., plates, and Hebrew transcription.  Paperback. [C-054, 66]

R. J. F. Trotter, Did the Samaritans of the Fourth Century Know the Epistle to the Hebrews? Leeds University Oriental Society, Department of Semitic Languages and Literatures, monograph series, 1.  Leeds, 1961.  37 p.  Paperback.  [C-054, 67]

John Macdonald, The Samaritan Day of Atonement Liturgy.Leeds University Oriental Society, Department of Semitic Languages and Literatures, monograph series, 3.  Leeds, 1961.  54 p.  Paperback.  [C-054, 68]

R. J. F. Trotter, Gnosticism and Memar Marqah. Leeds University Oriental Society, Department of Semitic Languages and Literatures, monograph series, 4.  Leeds, 1964.  21 p.  Paperback.  [C-054, 69]

Bruce W. Hall, Samaritan Religion from John Hyrcanus to Baba Raba. Studies in Judaica, 3.  Sydney : University of Sydney, 1987.  352 p.  [C-054, A6]

James D. Purvis, The Origin of the Samaritan Sect. Doctoral thesis, Harvard Divinity School, 1962.  261, 10, 7.  Carbon copy.  [C-055, A7]

Additional items delivered February 6, 2002:

Samaritan Researches, Volume V. Proceedings of the Congress of the SES (Milan July 8-12, 1996), and of the Special Section of the ICANAS Congress (Budapest July 7-11, 1977), ed. by Vittorio Morabito, Alan D. Crown, Lucy Davey. Studies in Judaica, 10. Sydney, Australia : Mandelbaum Publishing in association with the Department of Semitic Studies, University of Sydney, 2000. 1 vol. various numberings. Includes: James D. Purvis, “The Sanctuary and Holy Vessels in Samaritan Art” (p. 4.27-4.38). [C-079, 1]

[Program of the Milan Conference, 1996]. Text in Italian, English and French. Contains abstract of Purvis’ paper and curriculum vitae. [C-079, 2]

Reinhard Pummer, The Samaritans. Iconography of Religions, 23:5. Leiden : Brill, 1987. 46 p., 48 plates. Half-title page inscribed: “To James, with best wishes, Reinhard.” [C-079, 3]

The Samaritans, Alan D. Crown,ed. Tübingen : J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1989. 865 p. [C-079, 4]

A Companion to Samaritan Studies, ed. by Alan D. Crown, Reinhard Pummer, and Abraham Tal. Tübingen : J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1993. 244 p. Includes article by Purvis: Pseudipigrapha — OT, and the Samaritans (p. 194-196). [C-079, 5]

Dawn Piscitello. Samaritana at the Boston University School of Theology Library: Highlights from the James D. Purvis Collection exhibited September 4, 2001 – November 26, 2001. Boston : Boston University School of Theology Library, 2001. [C-079, 7]

Series V: Samaritan Studies and Research Materials

Offprints and Photocopies

Listed by Prof. Purvis in three sections: I. Offprints, II. Photocopies and Oversize Offprints, and III. Photocopies of Samaritan Texts and Translations.   The distinction between section one and two (offprints vs. photocopies) is not always accurate.

Section I.  Offprints

John Bowman, “The Importance of Samaritan Researches.” Annual of the Leeds University Oriental Society 1 (1958-59): 43-54.  Entire issue.  [C-056, O 1]

Marilyn F. Collins, “The Hidden Vessels in Samaritan Traditions.” Journal for the Study of Judaism 3 (1972): 97-116.  Detached copy.  Signed by the author.  [C-056, O 2]

Frank Moore Cross, “Aspects of Samaritan and Jewish History in Late Persian and Hellenistic Times.”  Harvard Theological Review 59 (1966): 201-211. Reprint.  [C-056, O 3]

F. M. Cross, Jr., “The Contributions of the Qumran Discoveries to the Study of the Biblical Text.”  Israel Exploration Journal 16 (1966): 81-95.  Reprint. [C-056, O 4]

Alan D. Crown, “Redating the Schism between the Judaeans and the Samaritans.”  Jewish Quarterly Review 82 (1991): 17-50. Reprint.  [C-056, O 5]

Alan D. Crown, “The Abisha Scroll of the Samaritans.” Bulletin of the John Rylands Library 58 (1975): 36-65. Reprint.  Gift of the author.  [C-056, O 6]

Ferdinand Dexinger, “Die Funde von Gehinnom.”  Bibel und Liturgie 59 (1986): 259-261. Photocopy.  [C-056, O 7]

Ferdinand Dexinger, “Limits of Tolerance in Judaism: the Samaritan example.”  In Jewish and Christian Self-definition, ed. by E. P. Sanders, A. H. Baumgarten, and A. Mendelson, vol. 2, 88-114, notes 327-338.  Philadelphia : Fortress Press, 1981.  Photocopy. Gift of the author, signed.  [C-056, O 8]

Edwin D. Freed, “Some Old Testament Influences on the Prologue of John.”  In A Light Unto My Path, Old Testament Studies in Honor of Jacob M. Myers, ed. by Howard N. Bream, Ralph D. Heim, and Carey A. Moore, 145-161.  Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1974.  Reprint.  [C-056, O 9]

Isaac Kalimi, “Zion or Gerizim?: the Association of Abraham and the Aqeda with Zion/Gerizim in Jewish and Samaritan Sources.”  In Supplement to the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 273 (1988): 442-457.  Photocopy.  Gift of the author, signed.  [C-056, O 10]

Isaac Kalimi and James D. Purvis, “The Hiding of the Temple Vessels in Jewish and Samaritan Literature.”  Catholic Biblical Quarterly 56 (1994): 679-685.  Reprint.  [C-056, O 11]

Isaac Kalimi and James D. Purvis, “King Jehoiachin and the Vessels of the Lord’s House in Biblical Literature.”  Catholic Biblical Quarterly 56 (1994): 449-457.  Reprint.  [C-056, O 12]

J. Kaplan, “A Samaritan Amulet from Corinth.”  Israel Exploration Journal 30 (1980): 196-199.  Offprint.  Gift of the author, signed. [C-056, O 13]

J. Kaplan, [“Two Samaritan Amulets”].  Yediot Bahaqirat Eretz-Israel Weatiqoteha 30 (1966): 239-246.  In Hebrew.  Offprint.  [C-056, 0 14]

John Macdonald, “The Theological Hymns of Amran Darah.” The Annual of the Leeds University Oriental Society 2 (1959-61): 54-73.  Entire issue and reprint.  [C-056, O 15]

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Reinhard Pummer, “The Present State of Samaritan Studies: II.”  Journal of Semitic Studies 22 (1977): 27-47.  Extract.  [C-056, O 30]

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Reinhold Pummer, “Samaritan Marriage Contracts and Deeds of Divorce.”  Source unknown, p. 529-550.  Possibly same as above.  Detached copy.  [C-056, O 33]

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Additional items received April 18, 2001:

Reinhard Pummer, “The Greek Bible and the Samaritans.” Revue des études juives 157 (1998): 269-358. Offprint. [C-056, O 53]

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Section II.  Photocopies of Articles

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Additional items received April 18, 2001:

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Section III.  Photocopies of Samaritan Texts and Translations

“Jacob’s Well,” by Priest Isaac ben Amran.  Arabic Text.  Photocopy.  Source: Barton Collection.  [C-056, T 1]

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Series VI: Aleph-Beth: the Samaritan News

Bound volumes:
No. 276-300, vol. 12 (1981), with Supplement.  Bound volume.  [C-057]
No. 301-325, vol. 13 (1982), with Supplement.  Bound volume.  [C-057]
No. 326-349, vol. 14 (1983), with Supplement.  Bound volume.  [C-057]
No. 401-425, vol. 17 (1986), with Supplement.  Bound volume.  [C-057]

Individual issues:
No. 287-288, June 12, 1981.  [C-058, 1]
No. 318-319, June 20, 1982.  [C-058, 2]
No. 325, December 15, 1982, p. 3-10 only.  [C-058, 3]
No. 500, December 12, 1989.  Twentieth Anniversary issue.  [C-058, 4]
No. 527, January 15, 1991.  [C-058, 5]
No. 528, January 1, 1991.  [C-058, 6]
No. 568, September 1, 1992.  [C-058, 7]
No. 669 (August 8, 1996) to no. 675 (December 1, 1996). [C-058, 8-11]
Index, 1996.  [C-058, 12]
Supplement, 1996.  [C-058, 13]
No. 676 (January 1, 1997) to no. 728 (February 1, 1999). [C-058, 14-39]
Special publication of Aleph-Beth Projects and Activities, 1983-1987. [C-058, 40]
Illustrated Samaritan Calendar for 1996/1997, 1997/1998, 1998/1999.  [C-058, 41-43]
No. 729 (February 15, 1999) to no. 740 (June 1, 1999). [C-058, 44-48]
Index 675-700, 1997.  [C-058, 49]
Index 701-725, 1997.  [C-058, 50]

Additional issues received April 18, 2001:
No. 741-744 (June 16, 1999). [C-078, 1]
No. 745 (July 5, 1999). [C-078, 2]
No. 746 (August 8, 1999). [C-078, 3]
No. 747 (September 1, 1999). [C-078, 4]
No. 748-749 (October 8, 1999). [C-078, 5]
No. 750 (November 5, 1999). [C-078, 6]
No. 751-753 (January 14, 2000). [C-078, 7]
No. 754-755 (February 15, 2000). [C-078, 8]
No. 756-757 (March 15, 2000). [C-078, 9]
No. 758-761 (April 18, 2000). [C-078, 10]
No. 762 (May 15, 2000). [C-078, 11]
No. 763-765 (June 1, 2000). [C-078, 12]
No. 766-767 (July 2, 2000). [C-078, 13]
No. 768-769 (August 1, 2000). [C-078, 14]
No. 770-772 (September 1, 2000). [C-078, 15]
No. 773-775 (September 27, 2000). [C-078, 16]
No. 776-778 (January 15, 2001). [C-078, 17]
No. 779-782 (February 15, 2001). [C-078, 18]
No. 783-784 (March 15, 2001). [C-078, 19]
No. 785-788 (April 6, 2001). [C-078, 20]
Samaritan Israelite Calendar, 2000-2001 (full and miniature). [C-078, 21-22]
Samaritan Israelite Calendar, 2001-2002 (full). [C-078, 23]

Additional issues received February 6, 2002:
No. 789-790 (May 15, 2001). [C-078, 24]
No. 791-794 (June 1, 2001). [C-078, 25]
No. 795-797 (July 18, 2001). [C-078, 26]
No. 798-799 (September 16, 2001). [C-078, 27]
No. 801-803 (January 15, 2002). [C-078, 28]