Morgan Memorial Folder-Level Inventory: Part Two, 1960-1990

Box 8: 1956-1962 (Continued)


  • Church of All Nations, 1960. Annual Conference report.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1960. Annual meeting program; Preliminary plans; staff planning conference; press release on annual dinner program; projected plan for Morgan Memorial Social Services; YCC Handbook; Goodwill worker of the year; financial statement; by-laws; statistics; brochures and clippings.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1960. Newsletter; cooperative education plan.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1960. Board of Directors meeting minutes and reports; brochures and photographs.


  • Church of All Nations, 1961. Section of Home Missions, staff study statement; historical statement; annual church conference report.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1961. Quarter century club; regional advisory committee; annual dinner address; Way to Happiness; progress report of New England Rehabilitation For-work Center; Board of Directors meeting; annual meeting program; staff planning conference; brochures.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1961. Research report on first years’ clients, Rehabilitation for work center; the juvenile, the training school and society; Emil Hartl c.v.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1961. Board of Directors minutes; statistics, financial statements.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1961. Calendar; staff reports; employee manual. Re-Hab Program, 1961. Report to HEW.


  • Church of All Nations, 1962. Publicity kit, final services before demolition of church for turnpike extension; budget; annual church conference report; manual for church school workers.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1962. Role of Religion in Rehabilitation; by-laws, revised; financial statement; rehab report; staff planning conference; audit report; press release on demolition/relocation; Rehab center report; report on deaf adults.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1962. Highlights; report to program building conference; letter from DYS hoping programs will be relocated.

Box 9: 1962-1966.

1962 (Continued)

  • Community Youth Occupation Training and Employment Services.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1962. Financial statements; board of directors minutes and reports.


  • Church of All Nations, 1963. Order of service; postcards of church; Superhighway Claims a Historic Church; clippings on church destruction.
  • Church of All Nations, 1963. Publicity kit on Final Services.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1963. Photograph of demolition; The Goodwill Associate; Research Proposal; Results and Meaning of a Followup Study, Rehabilitation for Work Center.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1963. Rededication of Frederick Cranford Moore Chapel; Dedication of Myra Lewis Cooke Camp; report of Rehabilitation for Work Center; statistics; dedication of building at 95 Berkeley St.; financial statement; news reports of lawsuit by Morgan Memorial against Turnpike Authority; Goodwill Worker of the Year; Proposal for Cooke Camp; New England Rehabilitation for Work Center Research report 5: Results and meaning of a followup study; report 4: Center and the Community; third progress report on Rehabilitation Center; annual meeting program; staff planning conference South Athol.
  • Church of All Nations, 1963. Annual church conference reports (Feb); Annual church conference report (April); trustees; Trustees’ report on land and value, including plans of buildings demolished.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1963. Board of Directors records.


  • Church of All Nations, 1964. Annual Church reports; Trustees minutes; financial reports; minutes of Planning and Study Committee.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1964. Final report: integration and development of services for the deaf; final report: Youth occupation center; progress report no. III: Youth occupation center; plot plan and usage in S.Athol; annual meeting minutes; report: committee on Goodwill Industries; staff planning conference, S. Athol; suggested plan of organization; guide to rehabilitation services; photos.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1964. Dedication of new athletic facilities; minutes of Youth occupation center; job description: director, personal services department; Noyes Rehabilitation Center guided tour; research proposal: milieu study—a vocationally oriented center for adolescents with problems; second quarterly report to ABCD; progress report no. III.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1964. Board of Directors records.


  • Church of All Nations, 1965. Trustees records, including annual church conference report; building council minutes; planning and study committee minutes; working paper 7, Lachlan Ferguson Blair, consulting planner; clippings.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1965. Final report: Regional Rehabilitation for Work Center; 70th anniversary of Morgan Memorial Inc.; progress report #1 on serving deaf adults; Goodwill Times; Dedication exercises, Morgan Memorial Camps, Noyes Health Center, S. Athol; statistical report; plan of Mary Frances Fagan Health Center, S. Athol; consultant’s report: Clifford C. Ham; annual meeting minutes; press release on lack of funds to re-build; brochures, clippings.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1965. Working paper no. 2, Lachlan Ferguson Blair, consulting planner; clippings; letter from Boston Redevelopment Authority offering land if Noyes Rehab Building is taken.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1965. Facing the future: development program with 12 reports from Lachlan Ferguson Blair, consulting planner.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1965. Board of Directors records.


  • Church of All Nations, 1966. Annual Church Conference Report; Your church school; Minutes of plans and construction committee; report of Study and Planning Committee; report of Survey committee.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1966. Worcester Redevelopment Authority notice of displacement; Welcome to Goodwill: handbook for workers; Directory of Morgan Memorial Inc.; statistical report; Goodwill Times; Question and Answers about Fresh Air Camp referrals; HEW application for serving deaf adults; planning conference proceedings; Three years of Goodwill 1963-1966; Goodwill Scope; Directorate; brochures; John F. Kennedy Candle of Hope Project; letter from Rose Kennedy; minutes of Architectural Advisory Committee; outline of 71st anniversary dinner.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1966. Working paper; Program proposal from Hugh Stubbins & Associates, Architects.

Box 10: 1966-1972

1966 (Continued)

  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1965. Goodwill Industries’ Planning Conference. Goodwill. Introducing the smiling G logo.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1965. Dinner meeting of Board of Directors, Members of the Corporation, General Staff; correspondence about patent for smiling G logo; letter from national president of Goodwill about Boston logo; 1966 highlights.


  • Church of All Nations, 1967. Annual church conference report; architects contract with Bertrand Goldberg Associates; financial and trustees reports about architectural contract.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1967. Boston Globe article on construction; proceedings of Morgan Memorial Rehabilitation Seminar; minutes of Advisory Committee; news release and minutes regarding Worcester; long range plans for rehabilitation services by Dr. Gordon B. Connor; The Unmotivated Client, by John F. Muldoon (The Dr. Edgar J. Helms Memorial Rehabilitation Lecture); Goodwill Times; Goodwill Scope; Morgan Memorial Faces the Future; post-meeting reactions Morgan Memorial Henderson House, Weston; Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting; Highlights of 1967; Let us Rise up and Build; Report of the provisional membership study in the Child Welfare League of America Inc of Charles Hayden Goodwill Inn and Goodwill Day Nursery; brochures and photos.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1967. Use program for the Hayden Inn School; Evaluation of Hayden Village summer school; study Queen St. property; expanded program Hayden Goodwill Inn School for Boys; letter from HEW regarding availability of funding; information for special meeting to consider relocating to Queen Street.
  • Provisional Membership Study in Child Welfare League of America.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1967. Suggestions and outlines for 72nd annual dinner. Proposal for developing rehabilitation center in Worcester. HEW Application for workshop improvement grant for Worcester, with description of program. Application through Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.


  • Church of All Nations, 1968. Annual church conference report; reports and papers concerning taking of 18-30 Wheeler Street; trustees reports.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1968. News clippings on Rose Kennedy; The Growing Family of Morgan Memorial Sponsors; meeting of the executive and nominating committees; A New Beginning; Report of Executive Secretary; Goodwill Times; Flame of Hope Candle Project; Highlights of 1968; Goodwill Scope; summary of funds; officers and directors; Adjusted Fee Schedule for Vocational Rehabilitation Services; letter from HEW approving Workshop Improvement Grant; A facility looks at itself: restricted distribution survey of staff communication breakdowns; photos and brochures.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1968. Goodwill News; Advisory Board; Handbook for Hayden Village School; Invited guests to dedication of Charles Hayden Goodwill Inn School for Boys, 21 Queen Street.
  • Morgan Memorial, Task Force Plenary Meeting.


  • Church of All Nations, 1969. Annual Charge Conference report book; minutes of administrative board; minutes of Council on Ministries; Trustees Secretarial Report; financial reports; reports of various church groups.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1969. Rehabilitation Center (North Shore); Bulletin; Report of the President; photo Berkeley Street.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1969. The Hayden School; first annual meeting of the Advisory Board; administration of the Hayden School; Advisory Board meeting minutes; interim report for our contributors; statement regarding activities of Psycho-Social Services; Vocational planning with socially disadvantaged youth.
  • Goodwill Industries Planning Conference.


  • Church of All Nations, 1970. Board of Trustees secretarial report; Minutes of the Council on Ministries; minutes of the Administrative Board; Annual Church Conference Report; Trustees and Board reports.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1970. News release on Morgan Memorial’s 75th anniversary; letter about housing not feasible; memoranda for Dr. Arland Christ-Janer; press release on Athol camp for Boston College students; program outline for 75th anniversary dinner; suggested remarks by Dr. Robert Watkins; dinner program; Goodwill Times; photos.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1970. Statement of Purpose and Practice; report of a study of Hayden School for Boys for accredited membership in the Child Welfare League of America; special meeting of board of directors; study by Child Welfare League; Advisory Board on career guidance; plan for the decade of the seventies; Emil Hartl gets honorary Boston University degree.
  • Church of All Nations, 1970-1971. Administrative Board, Trustees minutes; financial reports, etc.


  • Church of All Nations, 1971. Financial Statement.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1971. Human Services report for Worcester; final report on Expansion of Rehabilitation services at Worcester; remarks by president at 76th anniversary dinner; report of Worcester Goodwill Center; Officers and Directors; Directory; fire razes barn at Athol; annual meeting minutes.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1971. Minutes of Board of Directors; Child Care Counselors Manual.
  • Program Outline, Morgan Memorial Goodwill Centers 76th Anniversary Dinner.
  • Goodwill Industries planning conference.


  • Church of All Nations, 1972. Annual Church Conference; Board of Trustees secretarial report; building committee minutes; financial statement; administrative board minutes; correspondence with Boston Redevelopment Authority.
  • Church of All Nations, 1972. Annual report; board and staff meeting minutes.
  • Church of All Nations, 1972. Financial statement.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1972. Goodwill, a growing concern; annual report of Worcester Goodwill; S. Athol meeting report; hot lunch for elderly; 77th anniversary benefit dinner program; correspondence about agreement between S. Athol church and Morgan Memorial; bequests; Committee reports; Urban Living Project report; brochures.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1972. Board of Directors minutes; staff suggestions; program advisory board meetings.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1972. Audit; auditor’s letter of recommendations.
  • Rehabilitation and Training Services, Boston.
  • Goodwill, 1972. Directory, reports, statistics.

Box 11: 1973-1980


  • Church of All Nations, 1973. Administrative board minutes; program goals; Council on Ministries minutes; annual charge conference; clippings–pastor’s wife named Massachusetts Young Mother of the Year.
  • Church of All Nations, 1973. Board of Trustees minutes; administrative board minutes; reports.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1973. Goodwill Industries: Boston, Worcester, Lynn; committee reports; impact of Goodwill upon Salem; balance sheet; 78th annual meeting and dinner program; annual meeting minutes; annual report; Goodwill directory, reports, statistics.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1973. Statement; dedication of Colton Memorial Library; proposals; recommendations from Department of Public Welfare; committee on youth and children’s services; board meetings; development of compensatory work-study program for disadvantaged-handicapped youth.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1973. Minutes of staff meetings.


  • Church of All Nations, 1974. Annual charge conference; Council on Ministries minutes; building committee minutes; annual state of the church message; “our church at worship and at work”; church budget.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1974. Worcester Goodwill fire reports; Worcester Redevelopment Authority report on land acquisition; annual report; South Athol goals meeting; bequests received; annual meeting minutes.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1974. Board of Directors minutes; advisory board minutes; executive staff meeting minutes.
  • Child Day Care, 1974-1975. Minutes on Castle Square Day Care Center; advisory committee minutes; correspondence from Department of Public Welfare; proposal for contract under Title IVA.
  • Goodwill (Worcester), 1974. Annual report.
  • Goodwill (Worcester), 1974. Rehabilitation status report.
  • Goodwill, Inc., 1974. Annual report.
  • Department of Education, 1974. Guidelines and application procedures for programs in occupational education.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1974. Metropolitan Boston Cooperative Education Centers.


  • Church of All Nations, 1975. Committee on nominations report; press release: laying of cornerstone; Board of Trustees minutes; Annual Charge Conference Report Book; South End Methodist parish–there are missions at home; plans of new church; contents of time capsule; what are we doing now?; planning studies; special charge conference; adjourned charge conference; administrative board minutes; finance committee minutes; building council minutes; comparative financial statements 1974 & 1975; letter of understanding between First and Second Church of Boston and the Boston Shakespeare Co.; contract draft for Playwright’s Platform.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1975. Trusts in Financial Planning; Planned Income Tax Savings; Planning for Executives and Professional People; Gifts of Appreciated Property; Planning your Life Insurance; Minimizing the Estate Tax; Worcester Advisory Board meeting minutes; What of the Future?; Request for Proposal–disadvantaged; Worcester Rehabilitation projected growth and development; record of accomplishment of our goals; South Athol conference meeting; Goodwill newsletter; Goodwill News; The Financial Planner; balance sheet; score card–80th year of service to handicapped persons; proposal for the establishment of an office of children’s services; programs for 1975; annual meeting minutes; Board of Directors minutes; administrative staff minutes; executive staff minutes; five-year plan; Morgan Memorial staff; Building a Foundation for Goodwill Industries: the activities of the Rev. Henry Morgan, by Ivan D. Steen.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1975. Recommendations from the advisory committee; abstract of advisory committee proceedings; report to advisory committee; advisory committee minutes; summary of findings–Hayden Goodwill Inn.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1975. Minutes of staff meetings at various levels.
  • Goodwill (Worcester), 1975. Goals and objectives.


  • Church of All Nations, 1976. Service of Dedication bulletin; building council minutes; stewardship and membership covenant meetings; annual charge conference report book; administrative board minutes.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1976. Some anecdotes from the life of the founder of Goodwill Industries, by Henry E. Helms; progress report; Worcester advisory board minutes; program evaluation report, rehabilitation services department; report of summer activities; annual report; Goodwill News; minutes of sub-committee on 81st birthday celebration; staff planning conference; Goodwill success stories prove rehabilitation works; audit report; annual meeting minutes; members of the corporation; balance sheet; administrative staff minutes; workers’ manual; personnel practices code; photos.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1976. Honors to Emil and Betty Hartl; narrative description; general statement; correspondence to Permanent Charities Committee: grant report and new application; staff meeting minutes.
  • Morgan Memorial, Inc., 1976. Minutes of staff meetings.


  • Church of All Nations, 1977. Covenant book; charge conference minutes; administrative board minutes; council on ministries minutes; annual church conference reports; memo regarding changes in design to be re-paid by architect.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1977. Report to Worcester Goodwill Board of Directors; diamond jubilee materials; press release–summer camp; awards luncheon program; photos.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1977. General Assembly; long-range planning; accreditation memo from Child Welfare League of America; members of the school advisory commmittee; minutes of the advisory committee; advisory board blurbs.


  • Church of All Nations, 1978. Financial statements; Board of Trustees minutes; annual church conference booklet; report of anticipated building usage.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1978. Mrs. Parker and the Goodwill Store; annual meeting program draft; summary of activities and programmatic changes; auxiliary and volunteer programs; annual report to secretary of state; memo from John Dolan revising comment for annual minutes; annual meeting minutes; annual meeting program; financial statement; service reports; report of fund raising; auxiliary and volunteer programs; department head meeting minutes; Goodwill In-Sight.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1978. Working statement describing the Charles Hayden Goodwill Inn School for Boys.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1978. History statement; worksheet for six-week diagnostic conference; minutes of the advisory committee; Special education: the new perspective, by William L. Smith; Working statement.


  • Church of All Nations, 1979. Annual church conference report; charge conference minutes; Metropolitan Boston District Directory; administrative board minutes; financial statements; lay advisory council information sheet.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1979. 84th annual meeting program and reports; photo, clipping, brochures.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1979. Letter from Department of Public Welfare about the closing of the Inn.


  • Church of All Nations, 1980. Annual conference booklet and reports.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1980. Annual meeting minutes; Board of Directors minutes; annual report.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1980. Hill-top program; awards dinner.

Box 12: 1981-1990 and books.


  • Church of All Nations, 1981. Annual church conference report.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1981. Success stories; Fresh air camp celebrates 75th anniversary; Tax Act of ’81; Goodwill cartoon contest; 75 years at Morgan Memorial Fresh Air Camps, Diamond Jubilee Pageant; annual report.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1981. Hayden pioneers program for the deaf; awards dinner; Goodwill News; memo from director regarding upcoming union election.


  • Church of All Nations, 1982. Annual church conference booklet.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1982. Childcare 80’s plus; Goodwill Insight; Morgie Times; summary of employee consensus; long-range planning; change in organizational structure; overall topical summary surveys and discussions; annual report.
  • Hayden Goodwill Inn, 1982. Goodwill associates awards dinner; fiftieth anniversary celebration bulletin; Honors to Emil and Betty Hartl; An evening with Emil and Betty Hartl; PR letter to Globe re: feature story on Hayden’s 50th anniversary; Goodwill Associate.
  • Diamonds in the Rough: a fifty-year narrative history of the Hayden Goodwill Inn School, by Sherry L. Alpert.


  • Morgan Memorial, 1983. Annual report; long range planning; Goodwill Insight; Personnel policy handbook; A study of the fund-raising potential of Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries, Inc., by Ketchum Inc.


  • Morgan Memorial, 1984. Members of the corporation; 89th annual meeting program; annual report.


  • Morgan Memorial, 1985. North Shore programs; day habilitation center manual; solicitation letter from president; draft of letter from chairman.


  • Morgan Memorial, 1986. Annual report; progress report on new building; Breath of Fresh Air; letter announcing direct mail program.


  • Church of All Nations, 1987. 90th anniversary booklet.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1987. Press release: Morgie’s on the move; Not charity but a chance, capital campaign brochure; annual meeting program; annual report; after-hours donation problems; memorandum on financial package.


  • Church of All Nations, 1988. Planning retreat program; proposal for children’s and youth program priorities for third floor space; clipping.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1988. Annual report; Board of Directors’ committees; rehabilitation committee; fresh air camps committee; by-laws changes; annual meeting program; volunteer recognition luncheon program; Goodwill Insight; Our most urgent need; Hayden Inn School Committee; North Shore Goodwill Industries committee; Board of directors directory; Affirmative Action plan; Equal Employment Opportunity Statement; long-range planning; key staff; relocation resolution.


  • Morgan Memorial, 1989. Annual report; capital campaign, interim report; dedication program (1963, Berkeley building); annual meeting program.


  • Morgan Memorial, 1990. Annual report; The Good Word.


  • Not Charity But A Chance, by Diane Schumacher. Master’s paper, 1995.
  • Prospectus and Manual of Morgan Memorial, 1922.
  • My Most Unforgettable Character, by George Wiseman.
  • Rev. Henry Morgan, Building a Foundation for Goodwill Industries, by Ivan D. Steen.
  • Society’s Orphans, by Bernard Stotsky et al., 1957.
  • The Goodwill Industries Manual, 1935.
  • The Redemption of the South End, by E.C.E. Dorion, 1915.
  • The Goodwill Man, by Beatrice Plumb, 1965.
  • Morgan Memorial Book of Prayer and Daily Intercession, n.d.
  • Walking with God, by W. J. Smart, 1955.
  • Shadowy Hands; or, Life Struggles, by Henry Morgan, 1875.
  • Ned Nevins, the News Boy; or, Street Life in Boston, by Henry Morgan, 1866.
  • Music Hall Discourses: miscellaneous sketches, ministerial notes, by Henry Morgan, 1860.
  • Boston Inside Out, by Henry Morgan, 1880.
  • The Fallen Priest: key and sequel to Boston Inside Out, by Henry Morgan, 1883.
  • The Present and Future Morgan Memorial, by Edward Buss, after 1914?
  • Goodwill, For the Love of People, by John Fulton Lewis, 1977.
  • Morgan Memorial, 1868-1943, by Rev. J. Edwin Lacount, 1943.
  • The Golden Threads of Destiny, by Frederick C. Moore, 1952, 1954 printing.
  • Organizing to Beat the Devil, by Charles W. Ferguson, 1971.
  • The House of Goodwill, by Earl Christmas, 1924.
  • The Story of Goodwill: How It All Began, by F.C.Moore, 1959.
  • Pioneering in City Missions, by Edgar James Helms, 1927.
  • Varieties of Delinquent Youth, by William H. Sheldon, Emil Hartl, and Eugene McDermott, 1949.
  • The Regional Habilitation for Work Center, by William F. Stearns, et al., 1965.

Box 13: Newsletters

  • Morgan Memorial Messenger and The Good Samaritan, 1913.
  • The Good Samaritan, 1914-1922.
  • The Goodwill, 1922-1963.
  • Goodwill News, 1964-1988.

Box 14: Books and printing samples

  • Small scrapbook of printing samples.
  • School dropouts and society, by Elliott A. Krause, 1966.
  • The Relatedness of Goodwill Industries to the Christian Church, by Robert Rollin Huddleston, 1959.
  • The Development of Morgan Memorial as a Social Institution, by Charles Wesley Fisher, 1949.
  • Neighborhood-based Services for the Poor, by Joyce S. Tavon, 1993.
  • Diamonds in the Rough, by Sherry L. Alpert, 1982.
  • Man of Goodwill, radio script, 1942.
  • Some Anecdotes from the Life of the Founder of Goodwill Industries, by Henry E. Helms, 1976.
  • My Pop, by Henry E. Helms, 1962.
  • Life with Father, by Henry and Eugenia Helms, 1952.

Box 15: Printing samples

  • Large scrapbook of printing examples.