Morgan Memorial-Goodwill Industries

Historical Description and Condition Evaluation

This is an inventory of the files as received. Materials, previously stored in the garage of Henry E. Helms, were selected and arranged in chronological order by Henry E. Helms and Roland Elderkin. This inventory attempts to note the folders or binders within each year and the major items contained therein. Under most years the second folder is only dated, and generally contains smaller pieces from various divisions of Morgan Memorial beyond just the Church of All Nations, so it is listed here as Morgan Memorial, separate from Morgan Memorial Inc.; however, it often contains duplicate materials on the Church of All Nations or Morgan Memorial, Inc. Some undated materials were assigned dates by Helms and Elderkin, and sometimes appear in two different years.

At some point, a corrected arrangement would be desirable where dates can be ascertained. Record series within each year, for instance various minutes or newsletters, need to be arranged chronologically within the folders.

Preservation work needs to be done, specifically in photocopying newspaper clippings and older light-sensitive photocopies, as well as replacing plastic covering for delicate items, where a light-weight home photograph plastic has been used. Some materials are in or from scrapbooks which need to be photocopied, then the original documents removed from the acid-filled scrapbook paper if to be preserved. Adhesive

Morgan Memorial Folder-Level Inventory