From Our Research Collection: School of Theology Ceremonial Bible

Are you attending matriculation on Wednesday, 9/19?  At the matriculation and graduation ceremonies at STH, it is tradition that the Head Librarian lead the faculty into Marsh Chapel carrying the School of Theology Ceremonial Bible, another member in our Archives and Research Collection.

The Bible itself, a King James translation, was published the same year as the founding of our seminary (the Newbury Bible Institute) in 1839. It was published in Boston by Munroe & Francis. It is part of the immense Massachusetts Bible Society Collection housed in our Archives and Research collection. This partially cataloged collection provides historical records of missionary activity in every part of the world, and represents over 2,000 language groups. Find more information about the Massachusetts Bible Society here: Search all of the cataloged bibles in this collection by searching keyword “sthmassachusettsbiblesociety” in the catalog.

Click on the post to see pictures of the School of Theology Ceremonial Bible:

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