Name Title Phone Fax
Battles De Ramos, Stacey Access Services Librarian 617-358-0698 617-358-0699
Bieniek, Nathan Executive Assistant to the Dean 617-353-3052 617-353-3061
Carloni, Gina Director of Enrollment and International Student Services 617-353-3053 617-353-3061
Childs, Ellen Website Director, Congregational Studies Team Web Development Project 617-353-0634 617-353-3061
Choi, Hee An Director of the Anna Howard Shaw Center 617-353-3059 617-353-3061
Conner, Philip Senior Program Coordinator, Office of Registration and Financial Aid 617-353-3053 617-353-3061
Daily, Eileen Director of the Doctor of Ministry Degree Program 617-358-1162 617-353-3061
De La Rosa, Cristian Director of Contextual Education and Community Partnerships 617-353-3058 617-353-3061
Hasler, Josh Admissions Office 617-353-3036 617-353-3061
Jackman, Kara Archives Coordinator 617-353-1323 617-358-0699
Jones, Jaclyn Alumni Relations Officer 617-353-8972
Joyce, Ray Director of Development and Alumni Relations 617-353-2348
Kazmi, Salma Clinic Co-Director
Keith, Kevin Director of Administration and Finance 617-353-4804 617-353-3061
Kidd, Anastasia Director of Admissions and College Relations 617-353-3036 617-353-3061
Kinch, Robyn Advanced Studies and Financial Aid Officer, Office of Registration & Financial Aid 617-353-3050 617-353-3061
Lawrence, Emily Information Technology Coordinator 617-358-6108 617-358-0699
Lightsey, Pamela Associate Dean of Community Life and Lifelong Learning 617-353-3050 617-353-3061
Limpitlaw, Amy Head Librarian 617-353-1321 617-358-0699
Linscott, Andy Admissions Officer 617-353-3036 617-353-3061
Long, Ammie Senior Program Coordinator, Office of Contextual Education 617-353-3038 617-353-3061
Martin, Kaitlyn Administrative Assistant, Center for Practical Theology 617-353-3885 617-353-3061
Moore, Mary Elizabeth Dean 617-353-3052 617-353-3061
Olson, Robin Coordinator of Spiritual Life Office 617-358-6387 617-353-3061
Potap, Olga Acquisitions Librarian 617-353-3070 617-358-0699
Powell, Dominique Administrative Coordinator, Finance and Administration 617-358-6907 617-353-3061
Pride, Valentina Administrative Coordinator, Office of Community Life and Lifelong Learning 617-353-3050 617-353-3061
Rosequist, Margaret Digital Projects Manager and Processing Archivist 617-358-3315 617-358-0699
Russell, Janet Technical Services Librarian, Theology Library 617-353-1353 617-358-0699
Skypeck, James R. Head of Public Services, Theology Library 617-353-5357 617-358-0699
Stahl, Wanda Director of Contextual Education and Congregational Partnerships 617-353-9699 617-353-3061
Stecher, Danielle Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs 617-353-4573 617-353-3061
Stone, Bryan Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 617-353-4573 617-353-3061