“The Amazing Self,” authored by Rev. Thomas J. Savage (STH’64)

Creating Life Before Death: Discover Your Amazing Self

“Have you ever wondered whether you were somehow missing out on life’s possibilities? Creating Life Before Death answers that question. It gives us a bridge over the troubled waters of a pandemic, economic disaster, climate change, and nuclear catastrophe. That bridge can enable every single one of us to integrate the bits and pieces of knowledge of human behavior. We combine the powers of ‘head,’ ‘heart’ and ‘hand’ to address personal and world problems ever more effectively. There is absolutely no limit to how far we can go. Every one of us—not just the PhD’s in sociology, psychology and economics—can add to our understanding of human behavior. Together, we can move toward the never-ending development of ourselves and the human race.”

Thomas J. Savage holds a BA from the University of Redlands, California, and a Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Theology from the Boston University School of Theology. He served as an ordained minister for 25 years, a sheriff’s lieutenant for 23 years, has traveled to 89 countries, and created the unique experiment of community policing.

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Additionally, here’s a detailed description of the book provided by Rev. Savage (STH ’64): “I think most would agree that we live in difficult times. I want to share with my fellow BU alumni that I’ve co-authored a book Creating Life Before Death: Discover Your Amazing Self (Common Ground Research Networks, 2020), with several other BU connected authors – Bernard Phillips (BU emeritus faculty) and Andy Plotkin (CAS’69 DGE’67 ,COM’71, GRS’77), along with Neil S. Weiss, and Max O. Spitzer which proposes helpful guidance for these issues. We five authors have pooled together our backgrounds as a minister-cop, sociologist-philosopher, social psychologist, economist and medical social scientist. By contrast with the scattered bits and pieces of knowledge of human behavior that has been the direction of the social sciences, we present integrated knowledge that is the basis for progress on complex world problems such as aggression and alienation. With a Foreword by the eminent sociological theorist Jonathan H. Turner, this book can take you where no one has gone before. Further development of the individual becomes the basis for the continuing evolution of society. Academic research has been amplified by true-life amusing stories revealing the ups and downs of daily life in full detail. Many have claimed that what they are doing is changing the world. With no exaggeration, Creating Life Before Death actually takes basic steps in that direction. See http://theamazingself.com/ for further information and the opportunity to share on social media. I look forward to hearing from my fellow alumni.”