Meghan Henning

Adjunct Instructor in N.T. Greek
BA, Denison University
MAR, Yale

Meghan is a  New Testament scholar with interests in the theme of suffering in antiquity, women in early Christianity, Petrine literature, historiography, philosophy, disability studies and feminist hermeneutics.  Her dissertation on the pedagogical function of Hell in antiquity is entitled “Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth: The Pedagogical Function of Hell in Matthew and the Early Church.”  This project focuses on the connections between the afterlife, ancient rhetoric, ethics and social formation.  Meghan holds a BA in Religion and Economics from Denison University, and an MAR from Yale in Bible.  Recently, she have taught as an adjunct faculty member at universities and colleges in the Boston area including Boston University, Lesley University and Emmanuel College.  To see a complete list of her publications and recently delivered lectures and papers see