Jonathan Calvillo

Assistant Professor of Sociology of Religion

Jonathan Calvillo’s teaching and research interests center on the sociological study of religion, race and ethnicity, and immigration. His scholarly work has focused on how religious affiliation influences the manner in which Latinx immigrants construct their ethnic identities. Currently, Dr. Calvillo is a research fellow in the Latino Protestant Congregations project, a national study examining the practices and experiences of Latino Protestant congregations. In tandem, he has conducted neighborhood based research within urban ethnic enclaves, examining how Latino religions, including formal and “folk” traditions, are lived out in the public arena. This latter work has drawn attention to the interaction between Protestant and Catholic Latinos. Findings from his work shed light on how immigrant incorporation takes place in the US and in particular, the role that communities of faith and faith-based institutions play in these processes. Much of Dr. Calvillo’s research is informed by his nearly two decades of involvement in congregational ministry and community development work in urban multi-ethnic settings.

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