John Hart

Professor of Christian Ethics
(617) 353-3032
B.A. Marist College
S.T.M. Union Theological Seminary
M.Phil. Union Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Union Theological Seminary

Dr. Hart’s teaching interests are in the areas of social ethics, environmental ethics, liberation theology and ethics, and science and Christianity. His research interests and writing are focused particularly on issues of social and ecological justice, and on ecology as a bridge between science and religion. Internationally known for his work in social ethics and environmental ethics, he has given almost two hundred presentations, on four continents: in twenty-five U.S. states and in Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, Nepal and England.

Dr. Hart promotes environmental care, and relates the religious and environmental communities. He served as editor and principal writer of the Midwestern Catholic bishops’ land pastoral, Strangers and Guests: Toward Community in the Heartland (1980); wrote the draft of Pope John Paul II’s Iowa homily on land stewardship (1979); and was the Project Writer for the Western U.S. and Canada Catholic bishops’ bioregional pastoral letter, The Columbia River Watershed: Caring for Creation and the Common Good (2001), on the ethics, economics and ecology of the region. He has been involved in the development and dissemination of the Earth Charter. He serves on the Board of Directors of both the Montana Wilderness Association and the Montana Environmental Information Center.

Dr. Hart has worked with native peoples’ spiritual leaders and human rights activists, including as a Member of the Delegation of the International Indian Treaty Council (a Non-Governmental Organization accredited to the United Nations) to the U.N. International Human Rights Commission, Geneva, Switzerland (1987, 1990), and as an invited Observer at the World Conference of Indigenous Peoples, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while participating in the United Nations Earth Summit (1992).


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Chapters in Edited Works

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Books in Process

  • Sacred Cosmos, Sacred Commons – Spirit, Science and Nature
  • Spirit on the Mountain – Meditations

Published Essays and Articles

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Encyclopedia Articles

“ Phillip Deere”; “Pliny Fisk”; “David Sohappy”; “The World Conference of Indigenous Peoples”; “Indigenous Voices from Kari Oca”; “The Columbia River Pastoral Letter Project”; and “Sacramental Universe, Sacramental Commons” in the Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature (Continuum, 2005).

“Black Elk” and “Native American Religions” in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religion (MacMillan Reference, 2000).

Other Writings

Project Writer for the Columbia River Pastoral Letter Project, to develop the bioregional/international pastoral letter on the ethics, ecology and economics of the Columbia River Watershed, which was issued by the Catholic bishops of dioceses in Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington in the U.S., and Nelson, B.C., Canada, on January 8, 2001

Author of the draft of the document “Caring in Creation” issued by the Montana Association of Churches, October, 1997

Co-author, “Declaration on Distortions of the Gospel” (an affirmation of the universal love of God for all peoples; a response to the activities of hate groups in Montana), prepared by the Faith and Order Commission of the Montana Association of Churches, adopted and issued by the General Assembly of the Montana Association of Churches, Oct 29, 1996

Editor and writer, oral and written interventions (for the United Nations Archives) from Delegates of the International Indian Treaty Council, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), to the United Nations International Human Rights Commission, Geneva, Switzerland, 1987, 1990

Author, draft of the document on “Social Issues,” issued by the Diocese of Helena Synod, 1988

Editor and principal writer of Strangers and Guests: Toward Community in the Heartland — A Regional Catholic Bishops’ Statement on Land Issues (Des Moines, IA: National Catholic Rural Life Conference, May 1, 1980), signed by the 70 Midwestern Catholic bishops of a 12-state area

Writer of the draft for Pope John Paul II’s homily in rural America, Living History Farms, Des Moines IA, Oct 4, 1979

Editor and principal author of the Declaration of Dependence on the Land, a statement issued by farm, ranch, environmental and Native American leaders (Rapid City, SD: Black Hills Alliance, Jul 1980)

Editor, Rural Ministry in the Eighties — Reflections from Colloquium ‘79 (Des Moines, IA: Rural Ministry Institute, 1979)