Choi Hee An

Clinical Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Director of the Anna Howard Shaw Center
(617) 353-3059
Ph.D. Chicago Theological Seminary
M.A. United Theological Seminary
M.Div. Graduate School of Theology Hanshin University
B.S. The Catholic University of Korea

The Reverend Dr. Choi, Hee An joined the School of Theology in 2003.  Dr. Choi’s research and teaching focuses on practical theology and gender and cultural studies in the multicultural and post-colonial context of the globalized, modern post-Diaspora era. Her most recent book, A Postcolonial Self: Korean Immigrant Theology and Church (2015, SUNY), analyzes how Korean immigrants form their immigrant identity through the Korean immigrant church, constructing Korean immigrant theology in the complex dynamics of racism, sexism, classism and postcolonialism of the United States of America. She is also the author of Korean Women and God: Experiencing God in a Multi-religious Colonial Context (2005, Orbis) that explores the transforming relationship between images of God and self-images of women in Korean ministerial context. With Katheryn Pfisterer Darr, she is also the co-editor of Engaging the Bible-Critical Reading from Contemporary Women (2006, Fortress).

Dr. Choi has conducted many research projects such as Women and Leadership, Female Clergy Spiritual Growth, Immigrant Church and Women, Women’s Retention Study II, United Methodist Salary Study, Multicultural Pedagogy and others. She has developed several educational and spiritual programs to support clergy, lay leaders, and seminarians for multicultural/immigrant church ministry. Her current teaching is deeply involved with culture, gender and leadership. As an ordained minister in the PCUSA, she has actively engaged with the Korean immigrant church and ministry as well. Dr. Choi has served as Faculty-in-Residence and received the Boston University Residence Life’s Award for Outstanding Service in 2013.