sth event planning

To plan an event at STH, please follow the process below:

Step 1: Request a Room

Room requests should be made, whenever possible, via 25 Live. Please note if you are requesting space in the Community Center, B24, or B23, they are all listed separately in 25Live.

If you do not have access to 25Live, please submit the following web form.

Step 2: Update the STH Calendar

All students, faculty and staff are welcome to submit events to the School of Theology calendar. To submit an event:

    • Click here.
    • Log in using your BU credentials if prompted.
    • Click New Event and enter your event details. Make sure that you include the year in the date of your event.

Step 3: Request AV/Tech Help

Depending on your needs, there are several ways IT can be requested. Please see our STH Room Media Services page for more information.

Step 4: Request Facilities

If you require any furniture setup, please email details to A facilities request will then be submitted on your behalf and you will be provided with a quote. Any changes to the default setup of a room require a facilities request and usually cost between $200 and $300. You are not allowed to move furniture on your own.

Feel free to download and use any of the following pictures when detailing how you would like the room setup.

Step 5: Request Catering

Catering requests can be made through the Once the request is submitted, if you need assistance sending an ISR, please reach out to (we will not submit the request for you).

If you providing food using a non-BU vendor, please submit an invoice and/or itemized receipt to the Dean’s Office (STH 110).

Step 6: Promote It

To promote your event, please submit the details here and check the boxes for the appropriate publicity venues.