Women in the World 2013- Occupy the Church: Economic Justice for Ministry in the 21st Century

All Day
on Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Boston University School of Theology
Church and society have always been engaged in a tenuous, chaotic, and beautiful dance. Economic and social issues prevalent in society deeply affect the church, and the church’s stance on these issues helps to guide and shape society. The church today cannot be silent on issues of economic justice; activists and advocates must “occupy the church” in ways that are both new and ancient. The church does not exist in a vacuum. Faith communities face many economic justice issues just like the rest of society. People within the community of faith must ponder the church’s role in responding to issues of economic justice in order to face these internal and external challenges. In facing these issues leaders must also carefully consider the role of privilege and power in deciding whose voices are represented in the discussion. Communities of faith are beautiful because they are varied, and the importance of marginalized voices must not be underestimated. Society is very comfortable with the God of Compassion, but much less comfortable with the God of Justice. It is time for the church to be clear on the meaning of God’s justice and to embody that justice in the world today.