Minister of Music, The First Baptist Church: Jamaica Plain, MA

Minister of Music Job Description


Music is a vital part of the life of this congregation. In coordination with the Pastor, the Minister of Music exercises an important ministry that reaches out to all members of the congregation and the community. To this end:

·       The Minister of Music agrees to recognize and facilitate the pastoral dimension of this position by serving as a minister, educator, and principal musician of this congregation.

·       The Minister of Music and the Pastor agree to meet regularly so as to affect collegiality in the ministry of music.

·      The Minister of Music will engage a Worship Team in regular rehearsals and gatherings to build a repertoire of music and foster collegiality.


7 hours per week–including Sunday mornings and other hours as required (worship planning meetings, regular rehearsals, etc.)


Compensation is $7,200/year. At this time there are no other benefits associated with this position. Both the Minister of Music and the Church may terminate employment at will, but recognize that 30 days of advance written notice is preferable.


  • Support the mission and ministry of our intergenerational, multi-cultural, welcoming and affirming congregation.
  • Provide music for weekly worship services and special occasions in the life of the church.
  • Vocal skills are a must, preferably with capacity to sing/teach songs in languages other than English.  Playing guitar, piano or other instrument, a plus.
  • An understanding of Christian worship and a wide musical repertoire is expected (gospel, jazz, folk, world, hymnody/classical, pop/rock etc.) Must have experience leading corporate worship and congregational singing.
  • Proficiency in Zoom meeting interface including live audio production, video editing/audio recording interfaces including Acapella
  • Work as a team with the pastor, staff and musicians to coordinate, integrate and expand the music ministry in the life of the church.
  • Facilitate and encourage participation of church members in the musical life of the church, for example, congregational singing, musical groupings (e.g. choir) and soloists/instrumentalists.
  • Bring in guest musicians as required. 
  • Communicate with staff and volunteers as required, provide resources and advice for pastor and church members, and attend staff meetings.
  • Submit newsletter and order of service announcements. Represent the music program at various church meetings, as requested.
  • General availability for providing music outside of Sunday morning worship including but not limited to bible studies, holiday services, vigils, funerals, weddings, etc. 


Please email a cover letter and resume to Rev. Ashlee Wiest-Laird at

First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain is a multi-cultural, theologically progressive, welcoming and affirming congregation.