Message from Dean Moore

August 2018

Dear Alums and Friends,

In these times when faith communities are often divided on critical issues, and the larger public sometimes seems divided on everything, we in the School of Theology are increasingly aware of the role of faith in bearing public witness.

From climate change to healthcare, immigration to social justice, we see issues that cry out for the compassion, insight, and energy that faith can provide. Like you, our faculty and students engage with such issues in their research and service, and they have much to offer to the wider world.

We recognize that the resources of religion, its perspectives and practices, are often sidelined in deliberations and actions on public issues. But we also recognize that this is a critical moment in determining how we as a people will protect the most vulnerable in our communities, in our nation, and across the globe. And we know that, in our faith, we have something extraordinarily important to contribute to the vital work of creating a more just and compassionate culture.

At STH, we educate leaders who go out into the world to build this culture, leading people away from divisiveness and toward mutual understanding—just as we have done, in a proudly ecumenical and international spirit, since 1839. And when you give to the STH Annual Fund, you help us support these future leaders in a number of ways:

• Springboard Scholarships, which support students who initiate special immersions, research, or service opportunities in faith communities and other organizations, near and far.

• Our Spiritual Life Program, which supports personal and communal formation with retreats, prayer, meditation, yoga, ritual, and other spiritual practices from ecumenical Christian and interfaith traditions

• Outreach to alumni, which provides opportunities for networking and fellowship through events, webinars, and our acclaimed alumni magazine, focus

These are challenging and divisive times—times that can tempt us to despair. At STH, however, we instead choose hope born of faith: hope for a more caring world, hope for the strength to fight injustice, and hope that we will find and support our allies in this lifelong work. Our students, who are thriving, sustain me in this hope with their bold leadership and broad compassion. And so do you!

We are grateful for your financial and moral support, and for the work you help us do. You make a difference in faith communities and in the world, and you make a difference to us. I hope you will consider making a gift to the STH Annual Fund as we prepare for the challenges and joys of the academic year ahead.

With thanks and blessings,

Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean
School of Theology

P.S. Please know that gifts of all sizes are welcome and much appreciated. In addition to the financial impact, your gift in any amount also increases our alumni participation rate, which helps with foundation grants. Thank you again for your consideration.