Center for Practical Theology

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The Center for Practical Theology’s $100,000 Challenge is on!

A $100,000 match will double your donation to the endowment of  the Center for Practical Theology at  Boston University School of Theology.

Marsh DoorThe Center for Practical Theology brings together scholars and ministry leaders to strengthen the relationship between theological research and the experiences and visions of faith communities. The Center sponsors research on spiritual formation and church life, finding faith today, and youth ministry.

It also hosts consultations on Preaching and Postcolonial Theology, Poverty and Justice, and Feminist/Womanist Practical Theologies. An endowment would help the Center continue building  opportunities for students and visiting   scholars to participate in consultations and research that deepen the understanding of embodied faith—the experiences and practices of faith in diverse faith communities and public settings.

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