We Seek Your Support

The School of Theology is seeking $25 million to strengthen our research, teaching, and outreach. With your support for the strategic priorities outlined below, we can educate the next generation of religious leaders who will take what they have learned here into the church and world. We invite you to read more about our goals, and join us as we continue on our mission. The deadline for gifts and pledges to the campaign is September 2019.


enhance the faculty to prepare those who minister to train the next generation

To enhance and support the faculty

The School of Theology is distinguished by its world-class faculty, whose members balance research and publication, teaching and mentoring, and engagement in the world.  We are gratified to have recruited and retained this fully inclusive group of remarkable individuals who flourish in our collegial environment.

To prepare those who minister and serve

The School’s core master’s programs—the Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, and Master of Sacred Music—prepare students for many forms of religious leadership in the world. These are the people who will lead when a community turns in upon itself, when critical food aid fails to arrive in a remote region, when vandals deface a sanctuary, when a person in crisis sits before them.

To train the next generation of scholars

The School offers doctoral research degrees to train committed individuals for leadership as scholars and teachers. These research doctorates are devoted to the advanced study of theology, ethics, scripture, liturgics, mission, and religious practices in their social contexts and in lively interdisciplinary engagement with the sciences, arts, and humanities. The professional doctorate educates professionals to develop a deeper understanding of and expertise in ministry.

strengthen resources community space expand the boundaries

To strengthen resources for academic research

The new directions in theological education, the productivity of our faculty, and the quality of our students compel us to strengthen the resources that define us as a hub of academic research. These enhancements are focused in national and international research projects, academic centers and programs, and the library.

To improve the quality of community space

 The high cost of housing in Boston presents a challenge to our current and prospective students. Because we are committed to addressing this issue, we have established a housing endowment fund to develop more affordable student residence options that extend the educational experience and enhance the life of the community.

To expand the boundaries of theological education 

As one of the few U.S. seminaries within a major research university, the School of Theology has the opportunity and incentive to explore and build multidisciplinary programs and courses, and the University’s culture facilitates boundary crossing among its schools and colleges.