Director of Children and Youth Ministries, UCC: Little Compton, RI

The United Congregational Church of Little Compton is searching for a Director of Children and Youth Ministries (DCYM) to plan and oversee a rich program of faith formation for our children and youth (infant through 8th grade). We are seeking someone with energy and creativity who is committed to the Christian faith and is able to authentically share that faith in a way that encourages the faith of others. The person in this flexible part-time position (15-20 hours a week) will report to the Senior Minister and be supported by a team of volunteers.

Principle Responsibilities:
• Actively reach out and engage with families of young children, meeting them where they are and supporting them to grow in their faith
• Plan and oversee Children and Youth Ministries programs and events with the support of a team of volunteers (including Sunday School, Family Gatherings, Children’s Worship Services, and Youth Groups)
• Create spiritually engaging programming with hands-on, developmentally appropriate activities and lessons for each age group
• Assist the Pastor and Director of Faith Formation & Outreach (DFO) in planning, coordinating and co-leading Confirmation
• Recruit, train, and oversee volunteers and mentors to help teach and lead classes and programs for our children and youth
• Work collaboratively with the Director of Faith Formation and Outreach (DFO) to coordinate programs and initiatives around common themes and curricular goals to assure the two programs offer continuity of faith learning across ages
• Communicate effectively and in a timely manner to the families, volunteers, and broader congregation; promote all programs, activities and events using a variety of available media and resources
• Actively engage in the life of our congregation and the local community and prioritize community service/engagement in programming for children and families
• Coordinate with the Office Staff about event scheduling, communications, and maintenance of records for church school and youth group families; help prepare the annual children and youth ministries budget and Annual Report
• Prepare and Oversee the Safe Church Policy and assure its requirements are communicated and followed.
• Stay current with new research and resources for children and family ministries: attend seminars or training events, network with other educators to keep up with trends in religious education

Qualifications, Traits and Experience:
• Spiritual maturity with a commitment to the Christian faith and to fostering a safe and supportive community for kids and families of all backgrounds and abilities to deepen their relationship with God
• Excellent communication skills and an understanding of and commitment to furthering the church’s mission.
• Demonstrated ability to work well with children, youth and families, and to plan, coordinate, implement and manage programs effectively and creatively
• Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to be a team player, work well with volunteers and staff, and effectively manage conflict
• Education in the Christian faith or a commensurate combination of training and experience
• Adaptable and creative in addressing the rapidly changing landscape of church
• Adept at using a broad array of modern technology for research, teaching and communication, including social media platforms.

To apply for this position please send a letter of interest with resume to Tom Schmitt, head of Personnel by email at, or by mail to:
DFO Search
c/o Tom Schmitt, UCCLC Personnel Committee
PO Box 506
Little Compton, RI 02837
For more information about the position, please call 508-636-3932.

For more information, the full job description is here: DirectorOfChildrenAndYouthMinistryLC