seminary singers

Welcome to the School of Theology! We invite you to consider being a part of the Boston University School of Theology Seminary Singers. Over the past seven decades, the Seminary Singers have created and maintained a long, rich tradition of excellence in sacred choral music. Beginning in 1926 with Dr. James R. Houghton and continuing through the years, today’s Seminary Singers offer a choral anthem for each STH chapel service on Wednesdays at 11:10 AM.

One of the wonderful things about being a member of the Seminary Singers is how it enhances your Seminary education. We sing many different styles of music from different countries, representing the diversity in both the Seminary Singers and at STH. Seminary Singers is a non-auditioned group and is open to everyone (including spouses and partners who are able!); we are even privileged to have several singers from the faculty and administration. So whether you are a trained musician or just love to sing – you are very welcome in the Seminary Singers! What many members discover in the group are deep, supportive friendships, exciting sacred music literature that can be practically applied to your unique and future ministries, and a time of respite in the midst of rigorous academic study. Music and community have ways of touching the heart and renewing the spirit.

As far as time allocation, the Seminary Singers rehearse each Tuesday afternoon from 5:00-6:30PM in Marsh Chapel (next to STH). You can register to sing for 1 credit per semester or come and sing without registering. So, if you have a full load of classes, you can still fit it in. On Wednesdays the Singers warm-up at 10:30AM and sing for the STH chapel worship service at 11:10AM.

In addition to Wednesday chapel service, the Seminary Singers are often asked to sing at graduation, reunion festivities, and various Boston University holiday services. Every few years the School supports members of the group in recording a CD and going on tour during Spring Break.

I am excited for you and hope that you will choose to be a part of such a wonderful STH tradition. I am sure you will find the group will help mold and shape you, just as the group will be molded and shaped by your unique gifts. Come join us!

Rev. Chad William Kidd
Director, Seminary Singers
School of Theology Worship Coordinator
Master of Divinity/Master of Sacred Music ‘05