writing works

Writing Works Office
Room B-27

Writing Works is a FREE writing consultation program established to assist School of Theology students with academic writing.  The Writing Works tutors are prepared to help you address the full range of issues that arise in doing written coursework.

During your session, the consultant will go over your written work with you, taking into account the requirements of the assignment and your skill level.

After examining your written work, the consultant will advise you on areas of strength and weakness of the assignment, and may offer you suggestions for revision.

There is a high demand for tutorial assistance; therefore, individual students are limited to one 50-minute meeting a week.  This ensures that as many students as possible have access to the Writing Works assistance.

Writing Works can help with:
  • Grammar
  • Word Choice
  • Punctuation
  • Clarity
  • Sentence and Paragraph Development
  • Expressiveness
  • Flow
  • Thesis Development
  • Logic of Argument
  • Introductions
  • Transitions
  • Conclusions

Please note:
Ony one appointment per student per week.

If you are 10 minutes late for your assigned slot, this constitutes a missed appointment and the Tutors will proceed to see walk-ins in your place.

The School of Theology faculty prohibits any editorial assistance with examinations. Students may not seek the assistance of writing works tutors, therefore, on any examinations.

To sign up for an appointment, click on the link below and sign in with your BU username and Kerberos password. To book your appointment, choose the date and time you’re available, and click the corresponding box on the calendar. Type your full name in the “What” field, and hit save. You may also add a description of the assignment in the “Description” field. We look forward to seeing you and working through your papers!

You may schedule one appointment per week.
Writing Works sign-up calendar