Student Travel Funds

The Office of Community Life and Lifelong Learning (OCLLL) offers limited funding to support students attending academic conferences that will enhance the students’ professional development.Students must submit all documents prior to the trip to the OCLLL for approval; these documents include the completed application and proof of registration or travel arrangements. These documents can be delivered either in person (Dean’s Office) or via email to Valentina Pride at  Students presenting papers at professional conferences outside of the Boston metropolitan area may be eligible to receive additional funding if available. Students must demonstrate acceptance of a paper to a conference to be eligible for this funding. Depending on the conference location, conference presenters may be reimbursed up to $500 for their travel expenses. Conference attendees may be reimbursed up to $200 for their travel expenses.Your request for funding related to conferences is subject to approval by the Associate Dean for OCLLL, as long as funding remains available. Students receiving funding are required to prepare a one-page reflection on their conference experience within two weeks of the attended conference. Reflection papers can be emailed to Dean Lightsey at Funds may not be used to further subsidize travel seminars.