Peer Editing Network

The Peer Editing Network allows students from the School of Theology who are interested in receiving editing help with written assignments to connect with STH students who are volunteering as peer editors. The goal of PEN is to help foster community support by connecting students through a volunteer opportunity within the STH community. This program will also help alleviate the stress of students who are seeking help with editing on a regular basis. 

Please read the instructions below if you are interested in participating either as a peer editor or if you are interested in receiving editing support. 


Volunteer Peer Editors
Students who are willing to serve as peer editors need to enter their name and email address on a school-wide GoogleDoc that is open to all STH students at the following link: Peer Editing Network If you sign up to serve as a peer editor and are currently unable to help serve as a peer editor because you are either already editing a paper or are temporarily unable to commit please indicate this on the GoogleDoc under the column that asks about availability. It will be up to each student to edit their availability.

Students Seeking Editing Help
Students who need peer editing will be responsible for contacting a volunteer peer editor on their own, based on the availability indicated on the GoogleDoc and by using the email address listed. The person receiving peer-editing support is required to make an appointment with the editor at least 2 days (48 hours) prior to when the paper will be edited. The peer editor will spend between 1-2 hours in the designated time editing the paper either electronically or in person. Once the student seeking peer editing help has confirmed that the peer editor volunteer will be able to work with the student, the student will need to enter the following information into the spread sheet on the second page of the GoogleDoc: their name, the name of the peer editor, date of editing, indicate if the editing will take place in person or electronically, the title of the assignment, the title of the class and the name professor. Once the assignment has been edited the peer editor volunteer will need to let the student know.

*Please note that there are two sheets on the GoogleDoc link. There is currently an example listed; please follow this as a guideline! 

To sign up either as a Peer Editor or for editing help through the Peer Editing Network please click the following link: Peer Editing Network


  • Students and Peer Editors will need to fill out the appropriate Peer Editing Network Consent Form and submit them to Michelle Ashley (see forms below) 
  • Editors will have the option to do electronic editing tracking changes and making suggestions or to meet in person with the student to go over the editing
  • Editors have the right to decline editing a paper 
  • Editors need to communicate to the student seeking editing as soon as possible if they are unable to edit their paper

PEN Consent Form for Students

PEN Consent Form for Peer Editors

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michelle Ashley at