mail services

Room B-99A

The main purpose of the mailroom is the distribution of incoming and outgoing mail and packages.

Every student must have a mailbox in order to receive important information sent by BU and STH administration and our various organizations.  You may receive mail such as: communications from the financial aid office, the registrar, the library, returned tests and papers, and notification about upcoming events and deadlines.  Usually, continuing students use the same box throughout their stay at STH.

Although U.S. postal mail may be received through STH mailboxes, please note that using your STH box as your primary mailing address will usually delay your incoming mail, as it will take more time for BU central mail to process it.  In addition to student mail, the STH Mailroom also distributes mail to the faculty, staff and administrative offices.

Mail should be addressed to you as follows:

Your Name
Boston University School of Theology
745 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

If you should have any problems or questions about your mail, please ask the mailroom staff.  If the staff is unable to assist you, please inquire in room 110 (Valentina Pride, Admin. Coordinator).

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the mailroom:

1) Where should outgoing mail be placed?

Outgoing mail, whether it is interdepartmental or outside of Boston University, should be placed in the “Outgoing Mail” box in the basement (near vending machines).  The exception is stamped mail.  If you have stamped mail, it should be placed in a U.S. Post Office mailbox so as not to slow down the distribution of your mail.  There is a U.S. Post Office mailbox located in front of 725 Commonwealth Avenue.

2) What if I receive something that is too big to fit into my box?

If you receive a package, a slip will be left in your box. Bring the slip to the mailroom staff.

3) What do I do if I forget my combination?

If you forget your mailbox combination, simply ask a mailroom staff person for it.  The mailroom staff is there to help you with these and other types of needs (e.g. difficulty in opening your box).

4) What do I do about a boxmate that doesn’t pick up her/his mail?

The easiest way to deal with this is to bring the uncollected mail to the mailroom staff person on duty. Your boxmate may no longer be a student at the School of Theology.  However, it may simply be that your boxmate rarely picks up mail.  The staff will then research the name to find out which is the case.  If you boxmate is an enrolled student, we can only periodically clear the box of out-of-date mail.

5) What about mass fliers and inter-STH memo distribution?

It is the policy of the STH mailroom that all fliers be on a half-sheet of paper (or if this is impossible, please have the fliers folded for easy distribution).  Also, any distribution instructions (whether the fliers are for staff, administration, students, or faculty) must be clearly stated on a cover sheet.  Finally, if the mailing is only intended for certain STH community members, then the recipients’ names and box numbers must be written on the flier. All STH names and box numbers are listed in the binder on the mailroom door.

Using your STH mailbox as your primary address is discouraged.  The boxes are small and will be overfilled very quickly if bills, magazines, etc. are sent to you here.

Mail is distributed once a day after 1 p.m., five days a week, except for holidays.  Regular hours are posted on the mailroom door each semester.  It is your responsibility to check your mailbox regularly.