Lockers are provided for STH students on the first floor of the STH building.  The number of lockers is limited, which may result in two students sharing a locker.  To obtain a locker, you must go to the Office of Community Life and Lifelong Learning (room 110) and submit the necessary information (name, phone number, STH program, etc.) in order to be able to obtain a combination lock.

There is a mandatory $10 security deposit due upon obtaining a lock.  This deposit will be returned to the student under the following circumstances:

  • At the end of the academic year
  • Upon withdrawal from the school
  • Leave of Absence
  • Graduation

Students must not change the lock and are not permitted to use their own lock on the lockers.  If you use your own lock, it will be cut and your belongings will be removed.  Also, the $10 security deposit will be used to replace the lock. I f you have any problems (forget your combination, someone else is using your locker, the lock doesn’t work) please report them immediately to the Office of Community Life (room B-25) or the Office of Student Affairs (room 110).