community life

Office of Community Life & Lifelong Learning

Room 110

Dr. Theodore Hickman-Maynard
Acting Associate Dean for Community Life & Lifelong Learning, Spring 2018

Valentina Pride (
Administrative Coordinator

The Office of Community Life & Lifelong Learning is open to students Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the year. The Associate Dean and staff members are committed to helping learners succeed in growing at the School of Theology.  Through a combination of guidance, resources and community-building events, the Dean and her staff has as their goal to offer resources for the well-being of all members of the STH community.

The Office of Community Life & Lifelong Learning also collects various resources including informative materials regarding community groups, organizations, and issues that may impact STH students.  For detailed information about student conduct policies, please consult the STH Policies and Procedures Manual.  The office also handles grievance procedures and establishes protocol for the formal filing of complaints by students and faculty in regard to violations of STH Community Principles.

Community Life at the School of Theology is rich and multi-faceted, and consistently named by students, faculty, and alumni/ae as one of the most valuable and distinctive features of the STH experience. Some of the most significant community life programs are described in detail on separate web pages:

Other programs and services for School of Theology students are:


Mentor Program

Pairs incoming STH students with currently enrolled STH students who act as mentors and hospitality guides for the first month of the semester.  For more information please contact the Administrative Coordinator in room 110.

Community Lunch Program

Serves as a gathering place for faculty, staff, and students.  The lunch which offers a time for fellowship and conversation is held on Wednesdays in the Oxnam Room (B-24) from 12:00-1:30 p.m.  Each month students organizations under the auspices of the School of Theology Student Association (STHSA) and the School of Theology centers, such as the Center for Practical Theology and the Anna Shaw Center, offer lunch and conversation.   Lunches are catered through University food services and meet the needs of vegans and vegetarians.  The Office of Student Affairs and the Community Life Office occasionally hosts special events such as community celebrations.

Pastoral Educational Program

This program addresses important socio-political issues and their impact on religious communities through guest speakers and programmatic efforts such as community efforts for reaching out to those in need.  In the past this program has raised funds to assist residents of countries in crisis.

Student Leadership Program

This program was created to recognize students who have demonstrated outstanding dedication in supporting community life during their term of study at the School of Theology.

STH Writing Works

Is a helpful free service offered to all STH students. Writing Works Fellows work with STH students to improve their academic writing skills by helping students to find the best writing strategy for writing theological papers.  The Writing Works Office is located in STH room B-27. Office hours are posted at the start of each semester.

Denominational Liaison Program

Invites STH faculty and staff to network with students who belong to their particular religious denominations.

Spiritual Life

If students have a concern regarding spiritual life, please contact the Spiritual Life Coordinator, Charlene Zuill (


Mail Services

The STH Mail room distributes incoming and outgoing mail and packages and is located in the basement of the STH building (room B-99A).

Vehicle Driver Training & Certification

All BU drivers of commercial passenger vehicles transporting students and/or employees for BUSTH related travel must be certified through “” All drivers must complete an MVR. USA_General_Release_Form, sign and submit it to the Office of the Associate Dean of Community Life and Lifelong Learning (Rm. 110). Signing the MVR Release Form authorizes review of your driving record.  Once the MVR Form is submitted the applicant will receive a link from “” to complete driver training modules.