On-Campus Apartment Rentals

Office of Rental Property Management

Boston University maintains several on-campus studio, one-bedroom, and a few two-bedroom apartments. Most apartments include heat and hot water, along with access to 24-hour maintenance.  Furnished apartments are available at an additional cost.

All apartments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  It is very important to plan early, visit Boston during the summer to see what is available, and be prepared to make a decision.  Remember that on-campus apartments will be rented “in person” only.  This means that you must come to Boston to see the apartment you will be renting and to sign the lease agreement with the University.  As the summer moves along, if you happen to call the Office of Rental Property and they tell you there are no spaces for the fall, do not give up!  The availability changes on a daily basis and you should continue trying.

There are some distinct advantages to living on-campus.  University apartments are maintained well and do not require the large rent and security deposits that off-campus apartment rentals often do.  They also do not require a finder’s or realtor’s fee.  Also, the convenience of living on-campus is considerable, as you can access the University’s resources (gyms, libraries, restaurants) at most hours of the day or night, each day of the week.

However, on-campus apartments are often several hundred dollars more expensive per month than off-campus apartments are because they are so in-demand.  For this reason, most of our students do not choose to live in on-campus apartments.  Even so, if you have the financial resources to do so, living in an on-campus apartment is a very convenient and good option.

To learn more about on-campus rental property management, you may contact the Leasing Administrator to Graduate Programs at 617-353-4101 or rental@bu.edu.  The University’s Rental Property Management website can be found here:  http://www.bu.edu/rpm/