Beane House of Study Academic Development Intentional Community

About Beane House of Study

The Beane House of Study is located on Strathmore Road in Brighton, MA, a short T-ride away from the School of Theology.  The building is three floors, with an apartment unit on each floor. Floors two and three have 5-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms each, a total of 10 spaces.  Two School of Theology couples split the 4-bedroom unit on the first floor.  The top floor of the Beane House is furnished, while the second floor is available to students bringing their own furniture.  The apartments are co-ed, with people of any gender sharing the space.  In addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms, each apartment includes a large living room area with space for a dining room table, a kitchen, and a small back porch.  Rent for 2017-18 is $875/month.  Rent includes all utilities except electricity and cable/internet, and there is free laundry in the basement.

The Beane House is within easy walking distance to the Green B-Line subway (called the “T” in Boston), which is the T that stops directly in front of the School of Theology.  The Beane House is also nearby bus lines that easily access Brighton, Brookline, Watertown, and Cambridge.  Nearby the house itself are several restaurants, corner stores, and a library.

An Intentional Community About Academic Development

Students living at the Beane House are invited to live as an intentional community of scholars seeking mutual academic development.  The residence is open to students from all degree programs, master’s- to doctoral-level, most of whom are seeking to one day complete a doctoral degree and teach.  However, those who do not feel vocationally called to teach but have passion for the academic study of religion are also welcome.

The ten residents share a weekly meal in which they can discuss their academic work and build community with one another.  Professors and special guests are often invited to explore issues of higher education and academic preparation.  Occasionally Beane House opens its doors to the wider School of Theology community and hosts lecture nights on a topic of mutual interest to the residents.  Quiet study hours are observed some nights, especially during midterms and finals.  All residents covenant to participate fully in the life of the community and to pursue their academic work with rigor.

Beane House of Study Intentional Community Application

If you are an entering or returning School of Theology student, you may apply to be a member of the Beane House of Study intentional community. Please read and sign the covenant, then complete the application. Interested students should complete this form by May 20th to be considered for the first selection round because space is quite limited. Later applicants will be considered if space remains available.
  • Beane House of Study Living Covenant

    As members of an intentional community of the Boston University School of Theology, Beane House residents share a house covenant. The goal of the covenant is to foster mutual academic development and community life among scholars of religion, theology, and philosophy. Residents are asked to agree to the practices listed below, understanding that these form the core of the covenant. Any further decisions of how to live out or expand upon this covenant are made annually by the residents themselves. So long as the basic practices outlined below are followed, residents can feel free to develop the covenant in whatever ways work for their residential community.
  • Academic Development Commitments

    Beane House residents covenant personally and collectively to develop the following living habits that encourage mutual academic development: PRIORITY ON ACADEMIC STUDY - Residents should take their studies seriously throughout the school year, placing a priority on their coursework and personal academic pursuits. MUTUAL ACADEMIC RESPECT - Residents should respect the various ways of thinking and studying represented among the housemates. Understanding that study habits are unique to each invididual, all effort should be made to create an environment in which all persons can do their work to the fullest extent. At times this includes instituting weekday evening "quiet hours" for study, particularly during midterms and finals.
  • Community Life Commitments

    Beane House residents covenant to participate in the life of the intentional community by committing to the following: WEEKLY COMMUNITY DINNER - Residents will find one night of the week when all can be present for at least a 2-hour block of time. This time will be spent building community with one another, sharing academic progress and insights, as well as eating together. The residents can decide whether to bring their own food to the gathering, cook together, or rotate cooking responsibilities among the residents, whatever they prefer. Occasionally throughout the year guests such as professors, higher education staff, and administrators should be invited to join the residents for dinner and discussion. FURTHER PROGRAMMING – Beane House residents will host one “open house” per semester for the wider School of Theology community. This event could take the form of a community dinner with a distinguished guest, a special lecture, or any other academic/social gathering of the residents’ choosing. The goal of each open house is to invite the wider STH community to learn about the Beane House of Study and its intentional community.