Finding Housing in Boston

Please use the links to the left to find out more – pages include information about Boston neighborhoods in which students live, the School of Theology’s intentional living communities, and off-campus residences.  The links are small, gray, and under the navigation hierarchy to the left (<—-).

Introduction to Housing in Boston:

Boston is a wonderful city in which to live.  It is a city of culture, art, architecture, technology, and education.  From the blossoms in the spring to the fall foliage for which New England is famous, along with winter snow, you are sure to find a new city each time the seasons change.  Downtown Boston is the hub of the metropolitan area, and suburban Boston is well within reach of the heart of the city.  Boston is a great American city, unlike any city in which you might have lived or visited.  It is a student city with more than sixty colleges in the metropolitan area.

As you, and perhaps your family, begin to search for housing in Boston, there are a few very important things you should know:

1.  You must take the initiative to find housing. The School of Theology’s Admissions Office can provide leads of some potential residences, and can be helpful in answering your questions about housing, but it is unable to make all the necessary arrangements for you.  You should begin looking for housing at least a couple months before your intended matriculation date.  For September 1st move-in, please note that the Boston-area housing market begins to start gaining activity around May 1st.

2.  You have options to consider. Do you want to live on- or off-campus?  Do you want to live by yourself or with roommates?  How much space do you need?  What kind of commute works for you?  What is your budget range?  All of these questions and more come into play when choosing housing in Boston.  Since housing in Boston is very different from elsewhere in the country, you should expect a very new housing market, likely with higher prices.  How you answer the questions above will certainly influence the rental price you will pay.  To the right you will find small, gray links to pages such as “Intentional Communities” and “Off-Campus Housing.”  The Admissions Office maintains these pages with the most up-to-date listing of residences available.  Because these listings are maintained by the Admissions Office, priority for spaces in these houses is given to incoming students, if needed.

3.  If you are an incoming student, please be in touch with the Admissions Office once you have secured housing. The Admissions Office keeps track of all incoming students and whether or not they need help finding housing. If you are an incoming student and already have housing or do not need help finding housing, it is helpful for us to know this.  With that knowledge we can remove you from the housing list and focus energies on other students when new housing leads arise.  You can call (617-353-3036) or email ( to let the Admissions Office know that you have secured housing.  Also, we will assume that any entering student already living in the Boston area does not need housing, so let us know if that assumption is wrong in your case and we will add you back to the “housing help list.”

Explore the links and keep the Admissions Office posted if we can be helpful in any way.