withdrawal/leave of absence

Withdrawal/Leave of Absence formA student who is registered for a semester and decides not to attend must officially take a leave of absence or withdraw. A leave of absence should be taken when the student intends to return in a future semester (leave of absence can be a maximum of four semesters); a withdrawal indicates a decision to permanently leave the University. Charges are canceled or adjusted in accordance with the published refund schedule, based on the effective date of the withdrawal or leave of absence.

A Leave of Absence or Withdrawal can be initiated by meeting in person with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Bryan Stone. It is also possible to have that meeting with Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore or with Associate Dean Pamela Lightsey. However, Dean Stone must sign off on the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form, so he is the natural starting point.  Once Dean Stone has signed the form, students must bring their form to the STH Registrar.  The University Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form is available to students in the STH Office of Registration and Financial Aid, Suite 108.  Students are also strongly encouraged to email their faculty advisor and professors as a courtesy.

Please note: Mere absence from classes does not reduce a student’s financial obligation nor guarantee that a final grade will not be recorded.

Questions regarding account balances should be directed to:

Student Accounting Services
881 Commonwealth Avenue
Fourth Floor

Withdrawal and Tuition Refund Schedules