Master of Theological Studies (Incoming Curriculum)

For MTS students who matriculated in the Fall 2010 semester or later:

MTS General Plan of Study The MTS General Plan of Study is the assumed program for all entering MTS students.  Most MTS students will use this Plan of Study.

Students wishing to complete one of the MTS Specializations below must petition at the end of their second semester/beginning of the third semester of one’s degree programs.  Petitions must first be signed off on by the student’s advisor and then taken to the Registrar’s Office for review by the Registrar and the Academic Dean.  Students must also request a change of advisor if the current advisor is not affiliated with the MTS Specialization that is being sought by the student.

MTS Specialization in Religion and Conflict Transformation

MTS Specialization in Religion and Science

MTS Specialization in Theology

STUDENTS: All MTS students use one of the above forms to track their progress in their degree program.  Please turn in a Plan of Study each semester with your Permission to Register Form (signed by your advisor). This completed form is also required to turn in with one’s Graduation Application.

Electronic copies of one’s Plan of Study can be found on the Student Link by using the Degree Audit tool.