boston theological institute

The mission of the Boston Theological Institute (BTI)

The Boston Theological Institute is a consortium of ten theological schools and seminaries in the Boston area. It seeks to enrich each member school’s mission, advance intentional collaboration and share resources in order to advance interreligious and ecumenical learning; to strengthen teaching, learning and research; to maximize the stewardship of resources; and to more fully engage the member schools in building interreligious community.

How do I register for a BTI class?

In order to register for a course through the BTI, you will need to complete an online BTI Cross-Registration Form (available here.) along with your advisor-approved “Permission to Register” form and “Plan of Study.”

After you’ve turned in your “Permission to Register” and “Plan of Study” forms, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the Permission to Register form:  Indicate the BTI school you wish to attend, using the School of Theology Course number that matches the school. These course numbers are listed on the last page of the School of Theology Course Schedule. For example, a fall semester course at Andover Newton Theological School would be listed as STH AN 887 section A1. Generally, students are allowed to take a maximum of two courses (or 50% of their course work) through the BTI in any one semester. Your academic advisor must sign the completed advising form.
  2. Create and account in the BTI’s online system if you have not done so already. Email Alison Baron at Then you may fill out the student information sheet, and finally, the cross-registration form. Referring to the BTI catalogue, you must include the course number, course title, department and faculty name.  Submit this form for online approval.  This form will be sent to STH’s registration office automatically for approval. Please include your course on your permission to register form. The WebReg system is not available for BTI registration and course adjustment functions. If you later decide to drop or add a BTI course, simply fill out a Course Adjustment Form and another BTI Cross-Registration Form (for course additions only).   Students are also responsible for dropping/adding BTI courses at the respective BTI school.
  3. Once approved, your Permission to Register and BTI Cross-Registration Forms will be returned to you via email. Once we receive confirmation from the Host school that you are approved to take the BTI course, we will register you for the appropriate equivalent at STH. Your registration is now complete and you will appear on the appropriate grade sheet at the close of the semester.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although you are cross-registered at another school, you are required to follow Boston University’s academic schedule for all course adjustments. For students in their final semester at the School of Theology, it is vitally important that you inform instructors at the host-school of the grade reporting deadlines and the graduation date at Boston University in order to insure grades will be received in time. Failure to do so could delay your graduation.

What courses are offered each semester?

The BTI compiles a list of courses being offered through all participating BTI schools.  This list is available to students via the BTI website.  Students are also invited to contact other BTI schools directly (or see the web site links below) to obtain the course list for a given semester.

Participating BTI schools