Western Pennsylvania Conference Scholarship for Women

Amount: $500 – $2,000

Date: April 15 (fall term) October 15 (spring term)


The Scholarship Fund began in 1963. Since then it has aided several hundreds of recipients in completing their seminary or other upper-level schooling.  The Scholarship Committee is composed of six executives of the WPA-UMW.  The committee determines to whom the money is given and the amount of the gift.  The board must approve the donations.  The money is intended to supplement the financial resources of the student and encourage his or her education.  It is primarily to pay for books and/or partial tuition.


Must be a UMC student of the Western Pennsylvania Conference.

For details CLICK HERE


For details CLICK HERE


Dr. nancy C. Jones

117 Georgetown Ave.

Pittsburgh, PA 155229

Last Updated 3/2/2011