The New England Education Society Loan

Deadline: Ongoing
Amount: Up to $3,000


The New England Education Society is a corporation whose purpose is to aid men and women, called to Christian Service, in obtaining a suitable education (degree) in a New England theological school or seminary.


Loans are made available to students who plan to enter Christian Service with maximum loan amounts for each year established by the Board of Managers.  The maximum loan per student per year is $3,000.00.  Students may borrow once a year for as many as three years.  There must be a co-signer for the loan.**  The Board of Managers reserves the right to change the maximum loan amount or to cease granting loans in any given year based on income available in the loan fund.

Students applying for a New England Education Society Loan must be interviewed by the STH Financial Aid Officer, Blake Fox.  Currently, there is no interest assessed to the loan until two years following graduation or withdrawal from the student’s program; after that time, 7% interest will be charged to any loan portion unpaid.


For further details and the application contact the Office of Registration and Financial Aid by email:

**Please note the importance of having a co-signer.  The STH financial aid officer cannot sign your loan application until you have obtained the signature of a co-signer.  A co-signer may not be a current student, your spouse or your pastor.  A co-signer should be someone who will know your address following graduation or your withdrawal from school.