Lu Lingzi Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lu Lingzi Scholarship Fund at Boston University was created through generous gifts to the endowment by members of the Boston University Board of Trustees, the BU community and many other individuals from around the world united by the desire to keep Lu Lingzi’s memory and example alive.

Lu Lingzi was a beloved member of the BU community whose life was tragically cut short by the Boston Marathon bombing attack. An optimist with a powerful work ethic, she had just passed the first part of the master’s comprehensive exam—an accomplishment that gave her great satisfaction. To honor her memory, the Lu Lingzi Scholarship Fund will provide support to outstanding international students who are pursuing their master’s degrees at Boston University.

Two Lu Lingzi Scholarships will be created by the fund, and one new scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis. Each scholarship will provide an annual stipend  and full tuition remission for either two years or the duration of the master’s program, whichever is less. (source: link below)

Full details and application here.