Higgins Scholarship

The Higgins Scholarship was established to support professional leadership in the church.

Criteria for granting scholarships:

  1. Awards will be made on the basis of potential for ministry, ecclesiastical connection, plan of study, and financial need.
  2. Priority is given to full or half-time students under the care of the Chicago Presbytery who are in seminary or in a Ph.D. program in a ministry related field.
  3. The minimum scholarship will be $2,000 for an academic year and the maximum $5,000. Awards may be made for a second year if an application is filed.
  4. Awards are available after the completion of one year of seminary or other graduate study.
  5. The deadline for applications is March 31 of the given year. Awards will be announced by June 1. The recipient’s seminary will be issued a check by the beginning of the academic year.
  6. The Higgins Committee may consult with the Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Application instructions