Amy Writing Award, The Amy Foundation


The Amy Foundation Writing Awards program offers an annual first prize of $10,000. Second prize is $5,000, third prize is $4,000, fourth prize is $3,000, and fifth prize is $2,000. Up to 10 more awards of outstanding merit are for $1,000 each.

The Awards are designed to recognize creative, skillful journalism that applies biblical principles to stories about issues and lives. The goal is for non-Christian readers to see the relevance of biblical truth and for Christian readers to become disciples.


A submitted article needs to have been published in a newspaper, a local or national magazine, or a news website. Articles from personal blogs, newsletters, or religious publications generally are ineligible, as are books, manuscripts, and works of poetry or fiction, but articles from college newspapers are eligible, since those publications function as local newspapers for the training of students.  World News Group is the final determiner of eligibility.

Columns and opinion pieces are eligible, but news or feature articles that include original reporting receive preference. Submissions must be published during 2014 and must contain at least one verse of Scripture quoted from an accepted and popular edition of the Bible such as the English Standard Version, the New International Version, or the King James Version. The Bible must be acknowledged as the source. Verse(s) can come from a person quoted in the article, or from the author.

Examples of acceptable ways of acknowledgment include “the Bible says,” “biblical documents indicate,” “a biblical perspective,” “a first-century follower of Jesus wrote,” “Jesus’ close friends reported,” “Paul, an early Christian, wrote in a letter,” “a first-century witness to the events stated,” “an ancient Israelite said. …”

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