STH financial aid application

This application is required each academic year for all School of Theology students who want to apply for financial aid (including Dean’s Fellowship/Dean’s Scholarship/Merit Scholarship/Doctoral Scholarship recipients).

It is also for the use of applicants to the School of Theology.  On this form, students provide personal information (such as address and denomination) and can also request a federal loan and/or list any outside awards that they have applied for or have received.

Before completing this application, all U.S. citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents must review the STH Loans and Annual Income Page and any review any previous borrowing history they may have on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).  All M.Div. and MTS students entering in Fall 2014 or later must review the information on the STEWARD program. 

School of Theology Financial Aid Application

  • (if unknown, enter N/A; do not enter SS #)
  • Click on the icon to select date.
  • Please be specific: if you are United Methodist, please indicate United Methodist Church. Similarly, if you are Baptist, please list the kind of Baptist you are (e.g. American Baptist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, etc.)
  • International students must be full-time.
  • Before making a loan request, you must read the following information (open using a new browser tab) on Loans and Annual Income: link. List the amount you wish to borrow in the upcoming academic year. DO NOT ENTER "YES," AN AMOUNT MUST BE ENTERED. The maximum that can be borrowed is $20,500. Final eligibility is determined by need according to the FAFSA.
  • List all awards from sources outside STH that you have applied for or intended to apply for, and their potential amounts in this box. These awards will be recorded in your financial aid package for the academic year. These awards may reduce your eligibility for federal loans.
  • Authorization Statement: Release of Data

    Do you authorize the School of Theology Office of Registration and Financial Aid to release information from your file to other scholarship and loan agencies for the purpose of determining your eligibility for financial assistance from sources other than Boston University School of Theology?
    Please read above paragraph under "Authorization Statement: Release of Data" prior to making your choice in this section.
  • Signature

    PLEASE READ PRIOR TO SIGNATURE: I need financial assistance to attend Boston University School of Theology. I will register for at least 6 credits each semester for which I am applying for assistance (international students must register for at least 9 credits). I will use my financial assistance only to pay expenses related to my education. The information I am submitting is complete and accurate. I will notify the School of Theology Office of Registration and Financial Aid of any changes to this information and of changes in my registration status throughout the year. I fully understand Boston University reserves the right to cancel or reduce financial assistance benefits should this information prove inaccurate, should misrepresentation occur, should I not register for at least 6 credits each semester in which I am applying for assistance, should I reduce my course load during the year, should I fail to make satisfactory academic progress, or should it be discovered that I am in default on a previous educational loan. I have read all financial aid information in this web site and/or in the Boston University School of Theology Bulletin, and I am aware of regulations concerning my financial aid. I understand that failure to comply with instructions and/or deadlines may result in the reduction or cancellation of my financial aid. By typing my name below I acknowledge that I have read and agree to these conditions.
  • Please read above paragraph under "Signature" prior to signing your name.
  • Click on the icon to select date.