Annuity Plan for The United Church of Christ

Amount: Varies

Deadline: Unknown


The Pension Boards administers the distribution of grants to senior seminary students with “in discernment” status or licensure to establish provisional membership in the Annuity Plan for The United Church of Christ. These grants are provided from the income from the Herring and Stark Memorial Funds.


The Herring and Stark Memorial grants are applied to an individual annuity account for each qualified senior seminary student. These grants become fully vested after the member has met the grant terms which include achieving ministerial standing in the United Church of Christ, employment and payment of recommended annuity dues by the employer during the minister’s first two years of employment in the UCC.


Please call or email Christine Wantola at:
Christine Wantola
Pension Counselor
The Pension Boards United Church of Christ
475 Riverside Drive Room 1020
New York, NY  10115
800.642.6543. x2862
Last Up Dated: 8/1/2012