Gateways to God Spiritual Direction Training Program at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center

Gateways to God is a training program in spiritual direction offered jointly by Rolling Ridge Retreat & Conference Center and the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church. The training is offered during six mini-retreats.

By attending all six retreats at Rolling Ridge, persons can fulfill two of the five courses they would need for the UMC Spiritual Formation Certificate. They will still need to take a Bible course, a UM Studies course, and another course in spiritual disciplines/prayer or spiritual guidance (the details of the Spiritual Formation Certificate are here).

To receive academic (and certificate) credit for a retreat, students must sign up for STH TC 893 W1: Spirituality Practicum, for 1 credit per semester except in any semesters where there are two weekend retreats, in which case they should register for 2 credits. Dr. Claire Wolfteich is the professor of record for the course. The course is WebReg restricted, so only the Registrar is able to register students for the course.

Each non-STH student who wishes to participate in a retreat for credit must fill out a shortened form of the STH online application and would be admitted as “special students.”

Special students pay the STH normal per-credit tuition rate, but STH gives them a 70% tuition scholarship for this to make it affordable.