continuing education links

1. Anna Howard Shaw Center

The Anna Howard Shaw Center at Boston University School of Theology promotes structures and practices that empower women and honor diversity. The Center is named after the Reverend Doctor Anna Howard Shaw, a Methodist minister, medical doctor, and suffragist.

2. The Albert and Jessie Danielsen Institute at Boston University

The Albert and Jessie Danielsen Institute at Boston University was established through a generous endowment by Albert V. and Jessie Boyd Danielsen to promote the benefits of a close collaboration between psychology and religion to alleviate human suffering and enhance human growth.

3. Center For Practical Theology

The Center for Practical Theology seeks to provide a bridge between the scholarly resources, questions, and insights of a university-based theological seminary and the wisdom, questions, and traditions of communities of faith. In doing so, the Center provides an infrastructure for sustaining, deepening, and expanding important relationships and connections between Boston University School of Theology and local congregations, denominational offices, and religious centers so that they may be more integrally incorporated into student learning and faculty teaching and research.

4. Center for Global Christianity and Mission

The Center for Global Christianity and Mission at the Boston University School of Theology explores the most important development in Christianity during the early twenty-first century: the shift of Christianity’s demographic center to the southern hemisphere. Whereas in the year 1900, over 70% of the world’s Christians were of European background, by the year 2000 the ethnically European component of the world church had shrunk to less than one-third of the total number of Christians. To explore the meaning and implications of this massive cultural shift is one of the most challenging tasks of theological education and scholarship today.

5. Eli Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies

Eli Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies coordinates and supports all judaic studies programs at Boston University and offers educational events open to the general public.

6. The Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs at Boston University

CURA is a center for research, publication and education on one of the most strategic questions in the contemporary world: How does culture (in the sense of beliefs, values and lifestyles) affect economic and political developments world-wide? Since, in most of the world, religion is at the core of culture, CURA has paid special attention to the role of religion in world affairs. While CURA’s agenda is of obvious academic interest, it touches increasingly on practical policy concerns. Thus CURA has sought to communicate its findings to government, the business community and the media.

7. Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy

Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology, and Policy focuses on conflict-prone societies in crisis, especially Russia and other post-Soviet republics, paying particular attention to destabilizing factors of a political, ethnic, and/or international nature.

8. The Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology

The goals of the Center are to promote an understanding of ecology and conservation biology through research, education, and outreach. Since its inception, CECB has been a leader in training the next generation of undergraduate students majoring in biology and environmental studies at Boston University.