MTS Contextual Education Project

Master of Theological Studies students are required to fulfill one semester (4 credits) of contextual education, typically during the second year of this two-year program.  Students may elect to follow a project proposal process. Students design MTS projects in consultation with academic advisors and the Office of Contextual Education. The timeline for MTS projects is as follows:

Fall / Spring Initial consultation with Director of Contextual Education.
Appointments can be made by emailing Dr. De La Rosa at
March 31, September 1 Student proposals due to Office of Contextual Education (Suite 107).
Proposals can be emailed to Dr. Cristian De La Rosa at
April The Director of Contextual Education and Community Partnership reviews proposals. Both students and their advisors are notified regarding approvals or any necessary modifications. Revision due date deadlines will be determined on individual basis.
May Students with approved proposals for the Fall semester register for TF801.
October Students with approved proposals for the Spring semester register for TF801.

MTS Contextual Education Requirement

MTS Contextual Education Proposal Guidelines

Last updated March, 2016