Contextual Education

 What do we mean by contextual education?

A theological curriculum concentrating on contextual education engages people in rethinking what it means to be human in relation to God, other people and cultures, and the whole of creation. This kind of rethinking requires people to know with their whole beings: engaging all of the senses; challenging preconceptions; and getting our hands dirty (literally and figuratively). Such rethinking leads people to acknowledge that what we do not know is greater than what we do know, but to recognize ceaseless opportunities for new knowledge, often emerging in unlikely places. The BU School of Theology curriculum is one aspect of this fundamental rethinking, focused particularly on classroom education and internships. Simultaneously the School is refiguring our community practices, co-curricular learning, and physical space, knowing that how we are together and where we are together shape our theologies and our lives.

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