Welcome from Dean Moore

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I welcome you into the history-making spirit of Boston University School of Theology (STH)! We are seekers, innovators, knowledge-builders, and leaders dedicated to serving the world. We draw from deep wells of tradition and bold visions for God’s creation.

Spirit of our people. STH has one of the leading theological faculties in North America. Our faculty are outstanding teachers and mentors, field-shaping researchers, and leaders in academic and community life, near and far. STH students are passionate, smart, and committed to justice and compassion for our planet. And STH staff support the community at every turn. The spirit of making good history is alive in our people!

Spirit of our prophetic legacy. As the founding school of Boston University, STH values are built on faith and expressed in rigorous scholarship and prophetic visions. The founders of STH and BU were church and social leaders, abolitionists and change agents, who built strong education that was open to all people. Grounded in Methodism, they immediately embraced other Wesleyan traditions and the ecumenical richness of global Christianity. They also pioneered in the study of diverse religious traditions with diverse faculty. That past lives on in our United Methodist theological school with deep ecumenical commitments, global reach, and interreligious richness. Our graduates have made their mark around the globe for more than 180 years, and we continue to make history.

Spirit of our programs. Students value STH’s academic rigor and active engagement with lived realities. This website reveals the richness of our academic life, degree programs, worship, music, and spiritual life, professional growth opportunities, and lectures and events shared with the larger community. From these riches, students prepare for a wide range of vocations through core courses and concentrations offered in specialized tracks and certificate programs. Our Centers and Programs are hubs of innovation for special events, research, and community outreach. Denominational Communities of Learning and Methodist/Wesleyan programming contribute to formation, church relationships, and community enrichment. And student groups create heart-warming, mind-stretching, life-challenging gatherings. We are blessed!

STH is a history-making school. I hope you see sparks of light as you navigate this website. It is filled with real people who are grounded in streams of faith, existential questions, and academic inquiry and are committed to the flourishing of the human family and the whole of Creation. We welcome you into this spirit!

With gratitude,

Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore

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